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Fritzvold Tiny Wallet : Sustainable slim wallet with coin compartment

Fritzvold Tiny Wallet - All in all, the Tiny Wallet convinced us as a complete package . The material used is light, yet robust and also looks high-quality.

Slim wallet – a term that may not be familiar to everyone. This name stands for compact wallets, which still contain all important functions in everyday life. Today we are testing a particularly small model that still has a coin compartment. The Fritzvold Tiny Wallet promises to be sustainable, robust and extremely compact, we will tell you to what extent this is true.

Fritzvold is a small company from Germany that started as a one-man show a few years ago. The company’s product range now includes a number of different wallets. From a larger clutch to our tiny wallet, Fritzvold offers all common sizes .

Unpack and touch: The special material of the Fritzvold Tiny Wallet

If you choose the small wallet from Fritzvold, you will receive it in a narrow cardboard box. This is where the tiny wallet is located. In addition, there is a free e-book for every buyer with the title “In 6 easy steps to a slim wallet” by e-mail. At first glance, we were astonished by the low weight of the mini wallet at just 18 grams . The material used, which is vegan and described by Fritzvold as a mix of paper and synthetic leather, should nevertheless be very robust. More on this later. Otherwise the wallet is equipped with all important functions .

In addition to a large compartment in which a maximum of 50 euro bills can fit when unfolded, there is an additional coin compartment. This is a special feature compared to many other slim wallets in this size class, because the tiny wallet offers plenty of space for change . In addition, there are several compartments for a total of 4-6 cards in standard format in the wallet. Another positive aspect. An RFID blocker is incorporated into the vegan material so that no card information can be read out unintentionally .

The material mix of synthetic leather and paper offers several advantages. In addition to the aspect of sustainability, the fabric is insensitive to water and also tear-resistant. That speaks for the longevity of the vegan Tiny Wallet . If the wallet should ever break, the material is easy to recycle.

Despite its small size, everything important is available: The Fritzvold Tiny Wallet in everyday life

All in all, the Tiny Wallet convinced us as a complete package . The material used is light, yet robust and also looks high-quality. Although the wallet is only slightly larger than a conventional credit card, enough cards fit in so that you don’t have to compromise on everyday life. There is also enough space for cash thanks to the compartment for bills . If you need some coins for the next machine or the bakery around the corner, our version of the Tiny Wallet is good for you. The integrated Velcro fastener prevents the coins from accidentally falling out and is practical in use.

Our version of the Tiny Wallet currently costs around 30 euros , if you do without the coin compartment, you can save some money and take the cheaper version. Black and brown are available as colors . Overall, we can recommend the Tiny Wallet to everyone who wants to be on the go in the future without a heavy and much too large wallet. If you are interested in other models, you will find other interesting slim wallets on our blog .