iPhone:Everything about it

iPhone:Everything about it-smartphone by Apple with you can access Facebook, send WhatsApp messages,listen to music,pay with it in stores

iPhone:Everything about it- which iPhones are currently current, which one suits you and which features are important to keep an eye out for? You can read it all in this complete overview.

iPhone:Everything about it

The iPhone is a mobile phone developed by Apple with smart functions and is therefore also called a smartphone. With the iPhone, you can do much more than call and text: you can access Facebook, send WhatsApp messages, listen to music, pay with it in stores thanks to Apple Pay and much more.

The iPhone has revolutionized phone users. Thanks to this device, people started using mobile internet en masse, they started installing apps and learned to use their phone in a completely different way. You can hardly speak of a telephone anymore, because calling has become secondary. New features introduced by Apple were quickly adopted by other manufacturers.

Newly announced

Are you in the market for a new iPhone ? These models were announced in September 2019 and March 2020:

  • iPhone 11 Pro : 5.8-inch OLED
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max : 6.5-inch OLED
  • iPhone 11 : 6.1-inch LCD
  • iPhone 2019 : everything about the iPhones of 2019 (overview)
  • iPhone SE 2020 : 4.7-inch LCD

iPhone:Everything about it- generations

Over time, multiple generations of the iPhone have emerged. These are the current iPhone models :

  • iPhone 11 Pro : 5.8-inch OLED
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max : 6.5-inch OLED
  • iPhone 11 : 6.1-inch LCD
  • iPhone SE 2020 : 4.7-inch LCD
  • iPhone XR (2018)

No longer available in the Apple Store, but still from providers:

  • iPhone 8 (2017)
  • iPhone 8 Plus (2017)
  • iPhone XS (2018)
  • iPhone XS Max (2018)
  • iPhone X (2017)
  • iPhone 7 (2016)
  • iPhone 7 Plus (2016)
  • iPhone SE (2016)
  • iPhone 6s (2015)
  • iPhone 6s Plus (2015)

iPhone functions

The special thing about the Apple iPhone is that you can do so much with it. It is a telephone, a music player, an internet browser, but it also replaces your navigation system, document scanner, digital camera and sports watch. It just depends on which apps you install.

iPhone:Everything about it-Touchscreen

The iPhone was the first smartphone with an on-screen keyboard. Previously, devices such as the BlackBerry were often equipped with a hardware keyboard under the screen.

iPhone:Everything about it

The iPhone was also the first device with a multi-touch screen. This means that you can operate the screen with several fingers at the same time. You can zoom in on a photo by spreading your fingers on the screen. To zoom out, pinch your fingers together again. Over time, Apple has made multiple improvements, such as the retina display. In addition, the pixels are so small that you can no longer distinguish pixels with the naked eye. It ensures that the image is extremely sharp.

The first major innovation came with the iPhone 5s when Touch ID was introduced. With that you could unlock the iPhone with your own fingerprint instead of a passcode. This was later succeeded by Face ID . In addition, a number of screen technologies have been introduced, such as True Tone for better color reproduction and the OLED screen technology.

iPhone:Everything about it- Home screen

The iPhone has a home screen with app icons. You start a different app or application with each icon. This was also a revolution compared to previous smartphones. You can arrange the icons according to your preference on the home screen. You can also organize them in folders.

iPhone on-screen keyboard with auto-correct

On the iPhone you will find an on-screen keyboard for typing in texts. When the first iPhone appeared, this was viewed rather strangely, because most phones then still had a physical keyboard. Almost all smartphones from other manufacturers have on-screen keyboards. If you still long for your old BlackBerry, you should look carefully or connect an external keyboard.

iPhone:Everything about it

Everything works via iCloud

One of Apple’s smart choices is to have all of your devices work together through iCloud . You use it for making backups and exchanging data between devices. For example, if you have played an iPhone game, you can continue playing on the iPad without losing progress. This has created an entire ecosystem, where all your devices work together with iCloud. Apple thus prevents people from easily switching to another brand.

Apple has also provided one place where you can download apps: the App Store. This in itself brings with it limitations, because Apple does not approve all apps, but it is so clear to users. If something is in the App Store, it has been verified by Apple and is safe to install.

iPhone as a camera

The iPhone has ensured that manufacturers of compact cameras could pack. Apple’s smartphone has been the most popular camera on photography sites such as Flickr for many years. The device has ensured that people no longer take a digital camera with them when they go on vacation. The camera of the iPhone is good enough. Gradually, Apple has made more and more innovations to the camera, such as a portrait mode and better zoom, so that you really do not need another camera for everyday photos. The camera is therefore widely used for photos on Facebook, Instagram and all kinds of other sites.

iPhone:Everything about it

iPhone:Everything about it- Mobile internet

The iPhone has caused a breakthrough in mobile internet. Nowadays everyone has a data subscription on the iPhone, to stay in touch with family and friends on the go. The device is now used more for WhatsApp and other data services than for calling. Since the introduction of 4G networks in the Netherlands, you can use the internet at a speed that you are used to at home.

Many people nowadays choose to buy a separate iPhone in combination with SIM-only. You can then choose the best data bundle yourself, when it suits you. So not just when your iPhone needs to be replaced.