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Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Cryptomic: Fan, Heater & Air Purifier

Review: Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Cryptomic is not really a heavyweight and can also be easily carried from room to room. A must thing for your home.

Review: Dyson Pure Hot + Cool- Most people will be familiar with the Dyson brand. It is associated with high-quality technical products for households and the like. The devices are innovative and modern. This is exactly what we can say about our current test product. We have taken a close look at the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Cryptomic for you and report in the following article about our experiences with the fan, heater and air cleaner in one device.

The packaging of the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Cryptomic is bigger than its contents. Everything is well stowed away and safely protected here, but it should have been more compact. The box has a printed picture of the product and some facts. The scope of delivery is manageable . The purchase price includes the two filters to be used, an instruction manual, the warranty card and the stylish golden remote control . Everything is there for the first start-up and there is not much else to stow away.

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Cryptomic: Manageable scope of delivery & impressive appearance

The device is built up like a tower and measures around 74 centimeters here. The extravagant color combination immediately catches the eye. The golden base with the ventilation grille is a real eye-catcher. Above that there is an anthracite-colored, slightly shimmering ring with the embedded display and the only button on the device. The rest is kept in plain white. The oval-round hole in the upper part ensures the cool or warm air flow later.

For the innovative Pure Hot + Cool Cryptomic, Dyson relied almost exclusively on plastic as the material. However, this is really of high quality and makes the surfaces less prone to dust and scratches . In addition, it does not add to the weight of the device and a change of location is therefore easy. The entire workmanship is flawless and has no weaknesses or errors. The Cryptomic can rotate 350 degrees and thus process a room in an enormous radius. In addition, a slightly inclined angle can be set and both functions can be combined with one another.

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool High-quality plastic & daring color combinations

The remote control is just as golden as the base and, thanks to its slim shape, sits comfortably in the hand . In principle, it can control all settings that can also be configured in the app. Whether a timer, a set temperature or other functions can be set in two ways. Here the personal taste or the special situation is decisive for the use. An integrated button cell battery saves energy and can be easily replaced.

The small integrated display  directly on the device can be configured using the remote control or the app. Here you can, for example , display the general air quality as a graph , the humidity or the room temperature. A breakdown of the individual measured values ​​PM 2.5, PM10, VOC, NO2 is also possible. The current fan level could also be displayed. The practical display can therefore be adjusted depending on where the focus of the user is.

The first setup is really simple and doesn’t cost any unnecessary nerves. After plugging in the power cord, you need the in-house Dyson Link app. This must be connected to the home WiFi. The next step is a bit unusual, because the smartphone then prompts the user to hold the cell phone in front of the Dyson Cryptomic’s display. After a brief moment, both devices are paired with each other as if by magic and use can begin.

Dyson Link App for a clear presentation & easy operation

The Dyson Link app really like it very well. Usage is intuitive and clear. The past air quality trends are visually prepared very well and presented in a comprehensible manner. The values ​​match exactly with the respective circumstances. You can also query the live data and view the current values. All settings can also be made there without the remote control. Here you can select the individual functions of the device and configure them in more detail. The filter states are also displayed and a possible change is indicated.

But why do you need an air purifier these days?   We spend most of our time in closed rooms where there are many invisible pollutants . The lacquers, paints and other building materials used contain formaldehyde, for example, and are released over time. The new Cryptomic technology from Dyson starts right here and breaks down these harmful molecules. In addition, fine dust can arise from plants, pets, heating and cooking. Things like scented candles, nail polish and cleaning agents can release what are known as volatile organic compounds, or VOCs for short. All of these substances are invisible to our health and can be found in every household. Then there are those Influences that get into the apartment, for example, when airing or with clothing .

The Cryptomic can be used as an air cleaner, as a heater with an adjustable temperature of up to 37 degrees or as a fan with a cool air flow. The first function is particularly suitable for allergy sufferers , because the air quality is a decisive characteristic for this target group. The device always has some values ​​in view and individual progressions can also be viewed via the app. The pollution of the air is not visual , but can be represented by the Pure Hot + Cool Cryptomic as a measuring instrument. Fine soiling occurs again and again in furniture, carpets or when airing the room, which can damage our health over the long term.

Improved air quality thanks to a sensitive measuring instrument

In the app, temperature, air quality and humidity are output as the main values . We were able to make an astonishing finding with this air purification function, because if a car drove past the street with the window open, a few moments later you could see a rash in the NO2 values. This speaks for an extremely good sensitivity of the Dyson air purifier. Even if you could not determine any change in air quality yourself, the curves still show a fluctuation, which also appears credible. The integrated activated carbon and HEPA glass fiber filter together with the Cryptomic technology do a good job and leave behind clean and therefore healthy air.

The innovative Air Multiplier technology distributes the cleaned air through the special flow throughout the room. This happens regardless of the possible angle and inclination setting of the device. Incidentally, the air purification function is always active. So when the heating or cooling function is switched on, purified air is always used for the right temperature or the pleasant air flow. A special night mode also cleans the air and ensures an undisturbed sleep with the quietest configurations. At the maximum setting of the air flow, 310 liters of air can be cleaned per second – an almost unbelievable value for such a compact device.

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool – Heating function convinces in the test

The integrated temperature sensor of the Pure Hot + Cool Cryptomic from Dyson can keep a room at a constant temperature and switches itself on and off automatically. A completely unheated room can be comfortably warmed up in around 20 minutes. In addition, the Cryptomic is very quiet and can safely run on the lower levels while working. A maximum of ten speed levels can be set for each function , which results in a corresponding increase in volume. The Cool function should be seen more as a fan than an air conditioning system. In this mode, the sucked in air is only filtered and blown out again in a correspondingly strong current. Our practical test can recommend all functions without restrictions.

A consistently positive conclusion for the 3-in-1 device from Dyson

With a weight of 5.65 kilograms , the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Cryptomic is not really a heavyweight and can also be easily carried from room to room. The cable length of 1.9 meters does not really make the location dependent on a socket. In summary, it can be said of these facts and the practical test that we could not find any criticisms of the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Cryptomic HP06. The device scores with the usual quality of the brand and flawless workmanship. Even formaldehyde is broken down with the air purifier on a molecular level and ensures healthy air.

Only the price is likely to make the potential buyer swallow for now. For around 680 euros, however, you can also get a quality branded product that leaves nothing to be desired .  Allergy sufferers or sensitive people in particular are likely to have such a product anyway. Then why not a model with an additional heating function and fan in one device? So here three products are combined in one and this can also be taken into account when considering a purchase.