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Dyson Omni-glide + : New type of cordless vacuum cleaner

Review: Dyson Omni-glide + : New type of cordless vacuum cleaner in proven quality For 399 euros is Clear recommendation for hard floors

Review: Dyson Omni-glide +: In the area of ​​vacuum cleaners, one model follows the next. Often it is difficult to tell a difference and the choice is a matter of taste. However, Dyson is known for innovation in this area. It is the same this time. With the Dyson Omni-glide +, the renowned manufacturer has launched a cordless vacuum cleaner that picks up dirt with every movement and is not bound to one direction. We introduce you to the Omni-glide + in detail in our review.

Even with the packaging, a clear difference to many competitors becomes clear. The cardboard box is kept puristic and simple and reveals the content with a print in the original colors. The innovative vacuum cleaner is also stowed very compactly together with its accessories. Inside, almost every centimeter has been used efficiently. We often experience this differently, too. Unpacking is fun and the innovative vacuum cleaner and accessories will soon be ready to go.

Dyson Omni-glide +: A wide range of accessories is included

In addition to the main part with motor including extension tube and the standard brush, which is called by Dyson Fluffy floor nozzle, there are also a crevice nozzle with LED lights, a motorized mini brush, a worktop and a combination attachment. Of course, a suitable wall bracket and a charging cable are also included. All components are mainly made of sturdy plastic . This is perfect for everyday use and is easy to care for. The workmanship is solid, as is typical of Dyson, nothing rattles, creaks or looks inferior .

Visually, the global technology company relies on the colors gold, purple and nickel for the Omni-glide +. A chic overall picture in the typical colors of the group. The shapes are just as appealing and stand out from the crowd. The handle is narrow and merges into the slightly wider motor with an adjacent dust tank. Another narrower piece of suction pipe then leads to the floor nozzle. The lines are distinctive and yet very consistent .

Designed for hard floors only

Before the test part, however, one more important piece of information, which will probably make the purchase decision for some readers. The Dyson Omni-glide + is only suitable for hard floors . Those who also have carpet as a floor covering in their house or apartment are unlikely to strike here. In modern four walls, however, the carpet is increasingly banned. It is too sensitive, almost magically attracts dust and proper cleaning is a lot more difficult than with hard floors. The vacuum cleaner presented here is therefore aimed at tiles, parquet and other types of smooth floors . An attachment or the like for a carpet is also not provided with this model.

The Dyson Omni-glide + is really easy to use. Only two buttons are located on the handle. The well-known button on the “trigger” of the previous models, which had to be kept pressed while vacuuming, has been replaced. One button is to switch the cordless vacuum cleaner on and off and one to activate the max mode . Even when changing hands or reaching difficult areas, the new handling without the constant pressing of a button is an advantage .

360 degree joint over the Fluffy floor nozzle

When it comes to vacuuming, comfort is also important to a certain extent. A heavy vacuum cleaner without the certain ease of movement is of course more strenuous to use than a cordless battery vacuum cleaner. But even among these models there are huge differences. These often stem from the general structure. The center of gravity of the device also determines its maneuverability and ease of movement.

With the Omni-glide +, the weight distribution is really well solved . The main load of the motor is not very close to the handpiece and not too far below. This fact is particularly noticeable when vacuuming overhead. With a total weight of less than three kilograms , handling when vacuuming is generally easy.

The compact dimensions and light weight also take their toll to a certain extent. The dust tank is not the largest, but is sufficient for cleaning a complete household and, above all, completely sufficient for hard floors. To empty the dust container, the lower extension tube must be removed. It is unlocked by pressing a button on the lower side of the tank. A forward movement now opens the lid and lets the dirt fall into the trash can. A great handling , which still is fun way.

Very good filter performance and washable filters

The dust tank can be wiped with a damp cloth to remove even small particles. The filter, the brush strip and all other non-electronic components can also be washed out with a damp cloth. So there is no annoying filter change. With a motor output of 105,000 revolutions per minute and an impressive 99.97 percent of all particles, this is a great feature of the Dyson Omni-glide +. A total of five filter stages ensure that only clean air is expelled.

The battery life is specified by the manufacturer as 20 minutes in normal mode. We can confirm this from our test and even add a few minutes to it. What doesn’t sound much at first, has to be associated with the effective suction of the Dyson Omni-glide + . You only have to go each way once and not be in a constant back-and-forth movement as with a conventional vacuum cleaner. Of course, the Fluffy floor nozzle also helps with efficient vacuuming. The two integrated cleaning rollers in red and blue design ensure the “gliding effect”.

Dyson Omni-glide + picks up dirt with every movement

The Fluffy floor nozzle can be moved 360 ° and picks up the dirt with every movement. It feels like the vacuum cleaner is floating above the floor, no effort is required to move the Omni-glide + over the hard floors . An initially unfamiliar, but absolutely great feeling when vacuuming. The straight-line inline construction enables the Dyson handheld vacuum cleaner to be positioned very flat. So the fight can also be declared on the dust under the sofa or bed.

The attachments supplied are useful for extensive household cleaning . The small motorized nozzle can also remove hair and stuck dirt. The narrow attachment with bristle option is perfect for removing cobwebs or dust on shelves . The extension tube may or may not be used. In order to have the Dyson Omni-glide + charged ready for use at any time, the corresponding accessories are of course also included in the delivery.

Wall bracket with mounting accessories included

The wall bracket ensures a tidy look and secures the vacuum perfectly. Everything is included for assembly, even a pencil to mark the drill holes – wow! The wall bracket with integrated charging station is really very compact. The charging cable is firmly connected to the small station , so the decision to wall mount or not  has already been made. Another option is the small charging station on the cable for charging the Omni-glide +.

Positive conclusion for the innovative vacuum cleaner from Dyson

The suction power and handling completely convinced us in an extensive practical test. The Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner glides over all hard floors almost by itself. The Fluffy floor nozzle does its job very well. Even larger crumbs are sucked in at the first contact . In general, you only have to drive over dirty areas once and everything is sucked in. The particularly smooth joint above the nozzle allows very agile maneuvers and vacuuming under low furniture works very well.

Clear recommendation for hard floors – what is the difference between the Omni-glide and the Dyson Omni-glide +?

So if you only or mainly have to clean hard floors and can spend 429 euros for the extensive complete set, then you have come to the right place with the quality product from Dyson. There is also a version without “+”, which differs in color and has a single accessory. For 399 euros, the teat comes in the colors nickel and purple. You also have to do without the crevice nozzle equipped with LED lighting.