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Dreame D9: LDS vacuum robot with very high suction power

Review: Dreame D9 LDS vacuum robot with very high suction power is a good overall package even if you dont want to spend much.

For robotic vacuum almost everyone gets inspired now. Either you are a young student and only want to slowly introduce yourself to housework, or you are already so immobile in your senior age that you have to rely on such help. Today we would like to introduce you to another vacuum-mopping robot, which among other things should convince with ultra-strong 3,000pa suction power. We are testing the Dreame D9 vacuum robot for you.

The Dreame D9 robot vacuum cleaner offers a wide variety of functions and modes, which we would like to bring you closer to you in the following. Before that, however, it is about the contents of the packaging and our first impression – both of the packaging and the contents. The vacuum-mopping robot is delivered in a simple packaging that is printed with useful product images. With just a few pictures and texts, you get a good overall impression of the contents of the packaging . By the way; if you want to compare the predecessor  Dreame F9 (Amazon link): This did not yet have an LDS laser sensor.

Dreame D9 with suction and wiping function – our first impression

The vacuum cleaner is quick to unpack; the packaging is structured the same as with many robots of this type. The inside of the packaging contains some smaller cardboard boxes and the Dreame D9 itself. Everything is neatly packaged and cleverly folded so that even the charging station for the vacuum and floor mopping robot takes up little space. All in all, it is also noticeable that the entire packaging is slightly smaller than in comparable models. The entire content consists of the following items:

  • Dreame D9 robot hoover
  • Charging station & power cord
  • Cleaning tool
  • Water tank & wipe
  • Side brush
  • Manual

The first impression is very positive. The 3.8 kilogram vacuum robot is not particularly lighter than its competition. A good middleweight. Its dimensions are  350 x 350 x 96.8 mm . So he is still in the middle of the field. The material is of high quality and we like the white. We immediately notice the particularly large wheels , which should also enable the robot to walk on high-pile carpets. More on that later in the test.

Before the first trip & the charging station

The side brush must be attached before commissioning; a simple pressure as usual is enough to bring it in place on the underside of the Dreame D9. The charging station is set up quickly and brings us to the first point of criticism that we have for the Dreame vacuum robot: A lack of cable management at the charging station .

Where you can stow the cable to the charging station in the same on other models in order to run just a single simple cable from the charging station to the socket, the Dreame D9 does not look quite as minimalistic . In our case, the cable that is held together with a cable tie has to be stowed on the side of the charging station and we unfortunately notice it negatively. You can solve that better. However, if you have hidden your socket behind a shelf, a sideboard or the like, you can also stow the tangled cables here, in order to provide a simpler picture again. The charging station itself is rubberized on the underside and is exceptionally stable in place.

The Dreame D9 vacuums & wipes – it can speak too!

As soon as you have integrated the D9 into your home network and you can control it with the app, the first cleaning processes are not far away. The coupling itself is quick and easy. The robot hoover speaks to you, but initially in English. This can then be changed in the app. Many languages, including German, are available. Everything is set up in a few minutes and you can start cleaning.

If you start a cleaning process, you will hear a voice and confirm this. If no mopping module is plugged in, the robot recognizes this and goes straight to normal suction mode . You can also use the robot as a pure vacuum robot. The suction power is enormous and can be adjusted up to 3,000pa if necessary . Everything via app. Of course, there is also an automatic setting that adjusts the suction power depending on the surface. The hardware automatically turns up as soon as the Dreame D9 drives over a carpet. A brushless Japanese Nidec motor is installed .

Wiping in detail – very easy to use

If you want to wipe the apartment with a damp cloth in addition to vacuuming , this can be done with the included wiper module . This is simply filled with water and then attached to the underside of the robot. A clear “ click ” signals that everything is securely locked into place. Now you can simply start the robot and the cleaning process begins. You can also use the app to select how much water should be dispensed. Medium has given us good results and does not let the floor get too wet.

Will the apartment be clean? This is our experience:

In fact, the cleaning results are generally very good. The suction power is extremely good thanks to the powerful motor. We were only so satisfied with a few models when you think about the price of 349 euros . Even from carpets that were cleaned the day before with a conventional household vacuum cleaner, the Dreame D9 can still get visible bunnies. Its strengths also come to the fore on carpeting. He can also handle corners and thanks to the large wheels he can even climb small steps of 1-2 centimeters ; our tests have shown that. The robot remembers its cards and quickly recognizes where to start again after an interruption of cleaning. The Dreame D9 can serve several floors with several cards.

Wiping is a nice additional feature. We would also say with this mopping robot that the floor is additionally cleaned and cleaner than if you just vacuumed, but of course it doesn’t compete with a normal mop. Dried liquids or other similarly stubborn things on the floor also bother him. The Ecovacs DEEBOT OZMO T8 AIVI with an active “plate compactor ” did better; however, this also costs twice as much.

The manufacturer specifies a mileage of around 150 minutes. That’ll work! We did a lot of test runs and depending on the circumstances (a lot of carpets, with wiping, without wiping) it came to 120-150 minutes of mileage . Then, of course, it automatically drives back to the charging station.

Other features that should be mentioned:

  •  The water tank holds 270ml and can clean up to 200sqm with one filling
  • The dust container has a capacity of 570ml and absorbs an average of 250 square meters of dust, so you can calculate how often the container has to be emptied for a certain apartment size. This is taken from under the flap on the head of the teat – practical
  • 3.0 LDS laser system & SLAM algorithm: These two features allow more precise navigation, faster mapping and more efficient route planning. In this way, the Dreame D9 robot cleans even more efficiently and precisely
  • With its 5,200mAh battery and a smart battery management system (BMS), electricity is used efficiently. After the apartment has been measured, it is calculated how long it has to vacuum where

Conclusion- Dreame D9

If you don’t want to spend so much money and still want to enjoy the latest technology to the full , the D9 from Dreame is well equipped. It offers the best navigation options, cleans extremely cleverly and, in addition to a large dust tank, even offers a wipe function that makes it more flexible. Its weaknesses, such as the lack of cable management at the charging station, are quickly forgotten when you see its really good cleaning results.

We always keep the price in mind when testing such devices. This is the only way to make a comparison with other models. The price-performance ratio of the Dreame D9 is excellent . You get a great design, a lot of technology and a practical app control with numerous functions for easier and smarter cleaning. The vacuum-mopping robot is available for around 350 euros.