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Dreame Bot L10 Pro 2-in-1 hybrid vacuum robot with 3D recognition

Review: Dreame Bot L10 Pro - a solid cleaning performance paired with efficient navigation and a few points of criticism

In addition to many everyday things and unusual gadgets, today we are again testing a product from the vacuum robot category . The Dreame Bot L10 Pro is fresh on the market and wants to score with 3D recognition and high suction power. You can read all further details in our test, have fun!

The manufacturer Xiaomi is now also represented in Germany and offers official hardware support . Their sub-brand Dreame is best known for household appliances. Here you can read our recently published Dreame T20 Pro review . We tested a robot vacuum from Dreame with the Dreame D9 . But today it’s about the Dreame Bot L10 Pro: Can the 3D recognition keep what the manufacturer promises? We found out.

Dreame Bot L10 Pro unpacked: A “minimalist” scope of delivery

As always, we would like to start with a short section on the scope of delivery and first impression . However, we can be very brief here, since in addition to the vacuum robot only an operating manual, the mopping module and the charging station are included. A cleaning tool for cleaning the brushes is integrated under the lid on the top of the robot. If you expect replacement brushes, disposable wipes or other things, I will unfortunately have to disappoint you here  .

On the other hand, we liked the first impression . Although the gray surface is similar to piano lacquer, the fingerprints are limited. The general look is simple, dark and inconspicuous. On the top is the LDS laser sensor which, in combination with the two 3D sensors on the front, should ensure intelligent and above all efficient navigation. On the underside, Dreame integrated additional sensors, which are supposed to protect the robot from accidental falls. Unfortunately, the L10 Pro only has one front brush, which is permanently mounted on the right side .

To switch on the device , only the on / off button on the top has to be pressed. In addition, there are two buttons for target cleaning and for returning to the charging station. The latter is pleasantly small and takes up hardly any space in your own apartment.

As with most robotic vacuum cleaners, set up is a standard process. For this you need the Xiaomi Home App , there the Dreame Bot L10 Pro can be selected. Then the WLAN connection takes place and the device is ready for use. Before the first trip, however, you should tidy up the apartment accordingly and remove the cables, because the L10 Pro scans its new surroundings for the first time and creates a map .

The cleaning performance in everyday life: an overview of the suction and wiping function

After the initial setup, you can configure the Dreame Bot L10 Pro as you like and adapt it to your wishes. In addition to the standard functions, such as creating a cleaning plan, the app also offers additional features such as setting the suction power or the amount of water. Another positive point: Anyone who owns a house or apartment with several floors can look forward to the multi- floor cards . Otherwise, not much can be said about the app, it is functional, looks good and in most cases worked without any problems.

Dreame Bot L10 Pro

But what is the suction power like? With a full 4,000 Pascal of suction power , the technical data can at least convince. In our test, we primarily tested the Dreame Bot L10 Pro on carpet. The suction power of the “normal level” was sufficient. However, if you want to get all the dirt out of your carpet, you can also turn on the turbo. Since the battery has a  capacity of over 5,000 mAh , the runtime of the robot was also able to convince us. Extrapolated, around 100 square meters are possible per battery charge. However, the volume level is very loud especially in “high” or “turbo” mode and therefore it is not recommended to be in the same room while cleaning.

The size of the wiper module is generous compared to the competition

The suction power is therefore clearly one of the positive features of the Dreame Bot L10 Pro. The wiping function, on the other hand, didn’t quite convince us. Although the wiper module is one of the largest on the market, the performance achieved with it is rather standard. The flat module is filled through a side opening. Even if the water tank looks small at first, it is significantly larger than you might think and definitely sufficient. Here is the problem: The integrated holes that control the flow rate are extremely small and therefore let little water through.

Even at the highest level for the amount of water, the soil was only slightly damp . So if you want a reasonably decent wiping result, you should moisten the mopping pad separately with water beforehand. That disappointed us a bit, other models can definitely do that better .

Dreame Bot L10 Pro

Dreame Bot L10 Pro: An overview of independent location and a few points of criticism

Before we address some of the criticisms of the hybrid robot, we would like to briefly discuss the 3D obstacle detection and the built-in LiDAR sensor. The whole technology really impressed us. On the one hand, the L10 Pro drives its lanes really efficiently and carefully. The robot knows its surroundings exactly and also increases the suction power depending on the surface. Even if you carry the little household helper to another room, it will locate itself briefly and then know within 10 seconds where it is in your own apartment. Here you definitely notice the advantage of the built-in sensors .

Dreame Bot L10 Pro

Nevertheless, there are also some points where the L10 Pro needs optimization in our opinion . As already mentioned, the wiping function is unfortunately a bit dry, a higher flow rate would have been desirable here. Furthermore, emptying the dust container is  cumbersome. The position on the top of the container is practical, since it means that the robot does not have to be lifted every time, but the opening of the flap is in an inconvenient position. This must be opened to the side for emptying, but the angle is limited . Especially with stubborn dust you always have to help a little.

As a last point of criticism, we would like to mention the built-in WLAN module, because unfortunately it only supports the 2.4 GHz band . So if you work with 5 GHz in your home, you either have to open a separate network or opt for a different robot vacuum cleaner. Especially since this is the Pro model from the L10 series by Dreame, the support of the 5 GHz band would have been appropriate.

Dreame Bot L10 Pro

Dreame Bot L10 Pro – Conclusion:

Except for the criticisms just mentioned, the Dreame Bot L10 Pro really impressed us . We particularly liked the suction power and the navigation. However, if you want to mop more often and have a lot of hard floors, we would recommend a different model. Otherwise, with the Dreame Bot L10 Pro, you get a solid vacuum robot with live navigation.