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Coolblue starts offering Coolblue smart home installation

Coolblue smart home installation
Coolblue starts offering Coolblue smart home installation as many brands users faced this difficulty often but not Coolblue users now.

Installing a smart doorbell or a smart thermostat requires knowledge. Incorrect installation can lead to a defective product or incomplete operation within your smart home. Coolblue sees that there is a demand for the installation of these types of smart home products and comes with its own installation service.

Coolblue smart home installation

It is certainly not the first product that Coolblue not only delivers, but also fully installs before employees get back on the Coolblue bus. The webshop already does this with products such as washing machines and smart TVs.

However, Coolblue did not yet do this with smart home products, while there appears to be a lot of demand for them. This will be the number smart home installers extensive. Coolblue reports to that it concerns installations of a smart doorbell and a smart thermostat.

This is how a smart home installation works at Coolblue

But how does such a smart home installation work at Coolblue? That is very simple: within one day of delivery of the order you will receive an email to make an installation appointment. Do you have old products hanging? Then these will be replaced for you and a Coolblue employee will install the smart home product in the same place. A new place is also possible.

The smart home product, for example a smart thermostat, is fully installed. For example, it is linked to your heating system, it is connected to your WiFi network and the product is connected to one account on one device of your choice. This could include a smart home controller.

Preparations for the installers (corona proof)

Due to the corona virus, customers are advised to make a number of preparations for the Coolblue installers. For example, products are requested before cleaning: think of your smartphone, an old doorbell or thermostat and other devices that an installer may come into contact with.

The webshop also asks to provide three square meters of work space and a fully disinfected area at the location of the smart home installation. In the video below, the webshop explains the preparations step by step.

Coolblue: Very Smart Shop Award

Last year, Coolblue received our Very Smart Shop Award. In our opinion, Coolblue is a reliable webshop, which makes it recommended in our list smart home webshops has come to stand. The webshop seems to be increasingly focusing its arrows on smart home equipment: this website recently published about the introduction of a smart home subscription at Coolblue.