Connecting Google Nest with Samsung SmartThings will soon be possible

In latest developments, Connecting Google Nest with Samsung SmartThings will soon be possible for users to enjoy further.

For the very first time, Samsung and Google are bringing their smart home systems closer together as soon you will be able to connect Google Nest with Samsung SmartThings. Nest devices, such as a smart speaker, display or smart thermostat, can be included in Samsung SmartThings smart home system.

Why linking Google Nest with Samsung SmartThings is interesting

All Google Nest devices can be tightly controlled via the Samsung SmartThings platform. And that is a big advantage, given that you prefer to operate smart home devices from a central location. Previously, it was only possible with a lot of detours to operate Google Nest devices centrally via SmartThings.

With this new support it is possible to include Google devices in smart home scenarios within the SmartThings-based smart home. Samsung and Google  devices can also talk to each other for the first time. For example, a smart fridge from Samsung the camera images from a Google Nest smart security camera on the refrigerator display.

Samsung SmartThings

In 2014, Samsung bought smart home system SmartThings for about $ 200 million. In particular, the great compatibility within a smart home was reason enough for Samsung to take over the company.

Samsung claims that SmartThings supports more than 120 smart home brands and has a total of 63 million users at the time of writing.

Link Nest with SmartThings from January 2021

In January 2021 it should be possible to link Google Nest with SmartThings. We follow developments closely and will of course keep you informed of more news about this opportunity.