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Connect Smarthome from Action, HEMA, Kruidvat, Lidl to Google Home

This article will help you to understand connect Smarthome from Action, HEMA, Kruidvat, Lidl to Google Home after new update

Connect Smarthome from different smarthome devices – In October 2019 we published the article ‘Link LSC Smart Connect of the Action with Google Home’ written. We are now more than a year later and has Action got competition from HEMA, Kruidvat and Lidl. And linking with Google Home has also become slightly different. High time to make a new version.

First, use the regular app

Have you bought a product from Action, HEMA, Kruidvat or Lidl? Start by downloading the relevant Action, HEMA, Kruidvat or Lidl app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Install and launch the app. You then create an account by entering your email address and a password. You will receive a verification code by e-mail, which you then have to enter in the app. Now the app is ready for use. All four apps are similar, so installation, account creation and adding a new product are exactly the same for all apps. By the way, you can also use Tuya’s Smart Life app. Here you can use all products of the retail chains.

From the main menu, click on the plus sign at the top right to add your newly purchased product. Choose the category and the correct product and follow the instructions. Enter your WiFi password (only 2.4 GHz is supported!) And press confirm. Although the instructions from the apps are not always clear, this installation step should not be a problem. Do you have a problem with your WiFi network? Make sure you are on 2.4 GHz and not 5 GHz. You can read more information about this in the article Round-up: smart home from Action, HEMA, Kruidvat and Lidl. Did it all work out well? Then it is time to link your products in the Google Home app.

Not everything can be linked with the Google Home app

Not only in the responses on our website, but also in other places on the internet, we often read responses from people who cannot link certain smart home products from the retail chains to Google Home. Sometimes with angry reactions as a result. It is actually very simple, but you have to pay attention yourself. Is there a logo on the product box that says ‘Works with the Google Assistant’? Then it can be linked to Google Home and you can then operate the product with your voice. Is this logo not on the product box? Then it cannot be linked. For Action, HEMA, Kruidvat and Lidl, the lighting and smart plugs can therefore be connected. However, if you opt for a smart security camera or video doorbell, the logo on the box is missing. This means that they cannot be linked and that you just have to use them from the normal app.

Connect Smarthome to Google Home

As you could read in our previous article ‘ Linking the Action ‘s LSC Smart Connect to Google Home ‘, it worked differently in 2019. Anyone looking for the LSC Smart Connect app in Google Home found nothing at all. You had to use Tuya Smart or Smart Life to connect the Action app with Google Home. In 2021 it has been made a bit easier. Open the Google Home App, press + in the top left, choose Set up device and then the bottom option ‘Works with Google’. In this list you see all your linked services at the top and you see all kinds of other manufacturers and brands at the bottom. You can scroll through the list and search for the Action, HEMA, Kruidvat or Lidl app, but it’s easier to press the magnifying glass at the top. Now you can search.

All four apps can now be found directly in this list and via the magnifying glass you enter one of the names below of the relevant app you are using.

Action: LSC Smart Connect
Kruidvat: Kruidvat Smart Home
Lidl: Lidl Home

Then enter your email address and password for the relevant app and click on ‘Link Now’. If you’ve done everything right, your smart home products from your favorite retailer will now be (at the bottom) in your Google Home app. You can then assign them to a room or space. To do this, click on the relevant product at the bottom of the list with ‘Linked to you’. At the bottom, click on “Add to a room”> Select your home> Next> Move device and then on one of your created rooms. That’s all! You can then operate the linked products of your favorite retail chain via the Google Home app or with your voice via the Google Home speakers or the Google Assistant on your smartphone.