Coffee Machines: Coffee maker to Capsule Machine

The coffee maker is no longer the queen of coffee preparation, other machines have emerged, in particular so-called "espresso" machines as well as pod and capsule machines.

One of the favorite drinks of the French, coffee, is anchored in everyday life. Whether it is in the morning at breakfast, which remains the privileged moment of consumption, or at work during the essential “coffee break”. The coffee maker is no longer the queen of coffee preparation, other machines have emerged, in particular so-called “espresso” machines as well as pod and capsule machines.

coffee machines

Coffee makers

From the traditional filter coffee maker to the French press or even the Italian coffee maker, it is undoubtedly the queen of breakfast.

The principle of the filter coffee maker is as follows : The water in the tank is heated via the resistance placed at the bottom of the coffee maker. Once hot, it rises by heat expansion in the filter via a tube provided for this purpose, and soaks up the coffee grounds in order to deliver all the aromas and then it is poured by a drip system into the jug.
It has either a removable filter holder or a permanent filter holder.

The coffee maker is equipped with options to facilitate its use. Among its options are:

Programming : filter coffee makers are equipped with a programming system allowing you to program the coffee maker start time, in order to have ready and hot coffee at the desired time. On some models it is also possible to program the intensity of the aroma. 

coffee machines

The aroma selector : depending on the intensity of the aroma chosen, the water is delivered either to the center of the grind for a strong coffee, or to the whole grind for less intensity. 

The insulated jug : it keeps the coffee at the right heat for several hours.

In order to meet the demand of consumers who are looking for both a filter coffee maker for certain times of the day (especially in the morning) but also an espresso machine (for other times), combined coffee makers have arrived on the market in order to meet that expectation.
They thus bring together these two types of coffee makers. They allow you to adapt the coffee to the mood of the moment. The two systems operate independently of each other.

Coffee Machines”Espresso” machines

Automatic or manual, based on the principle of high pressure percolation, thus allowing the grinding to have little contact with water, and to preserve all the flavors and aromas. This pressure is made possible by an electric pump which injects water through the ground coffee at a temperature of around 100 ° C.
There are 04 types of “espresso” machines: the combined espresso or combined coffee maker, the so-called pod espresso, the capsule espresso and the espresso with integrated grinder.

coffee machines

The capsule espresso : present in a majority of households, the capsule espresso is the most popular of machines. Building on its success, it allows you to make an espresso in a simplistic way. It works as follows: water is put into a tank, where it will then be heated. A capsule is placed in an orifice provided for this purpose, it is perforated and soaked in hot water. The water captures all the aromas and flows into the cup.

The classic espresso : precursor on the market, this one works thanks to a high pressure pump of 15 bars. Ground coffee is used to make an espresso, allowing you to change the type of coffee and the beans as you wish. 
These “espresso” machines have been equipped over the years with functions that allow them to best respond to market trends. We find in particular:

  • The thermoblock: allowing to have a constant water temperature.
  • Nozzles: there are new tips: steam, milk.
  • Automatic shutdown.
  • The cup warming tray: the cups are preheated before being filled.

The espresso with integrated grinder : also called coffee robot, this system is beginning to appeal to a large number of households. You just have to fill the water tank as well as the coffee beans tank which will be ground thanks to its integrated bean grinder. It allows you to modulate the intensity of your coffee, to change the coffee you want, to have a creamy coffee rich in taste thanks to a freshly ground bean.

Built-in coffee machines

Kitchens have become a living space in their own right, which we like to personalize, harmonize and make functional. This harmonization involves fitting the products into the decor. Coffee machines have not escaped this fashion. A built-in coffee machine can be a filter coffee machine, a combined coffee machine, an espresso machine. It can be built into a wall or in a cupboard and hidden under decor to blend in with the kitchen.