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Chromecast and Nest speaker integration is a step closer

Earlier this year, Google launched the capability dynamic audio groups (also called temporary speaker groups). On a smart display, such as a Google Nest Hub, it is possible to create such a temporary group, so that you do not always have to arrange this via the Google Home application. You can add and remove speakers at the touch of a button. That capability has now come to the Google Home app as well. Not only can you now create permanent groups there, but also temporary groups as Chromecast and Nest speaker integration closer than ever.

Chromecast and Nest speaker integration

And that option now ensures that there is a temporary solution for creating a group containing a Chromecast and Nest Audio speakers, in which the audio of the content is sent over the Nest Audios. Previously, Google promised to offer a similar option in the future, so you can combine existing speakers in the house with your television with a Chromecast. Because that feature has not yet been officially rolled out, because it is still being worked on, it is strange to see that this already works.

Thanks to the user interface you can quickly create a group and then cast content to it. This can be done via YouTube or the video streaming service Disney +, for example. Within the apps of those services you can choose the new group as a cast target; the image is then sent to the Chromecast, while the audio is sent over the Nest Audio speakers. Users report that results vary because of the occasional problem. Especially with Disney +, YouTube seems to work fine.

So this is not yet the promise of Google’s solution, with which you can assemble a kind of wireless home cinema system for a reasonably cheap amount. But it’s a step in the right direction for anyone with a Chromecast and the new Nest Audio speakers. The discovery was made by one user on Reddit.