Choosing the right washing machine

Washing machine: special programs
Choosing the right washing machine includes dimensions, type of loading (door or from above)and several other key factors involves the choice.

Are you going to buy a new Washing machine? Choosing washing machine can be difficult decision.Apart from the obvious criteria such as the dimensions of the washing machine or the type of loading (door or from above) there are other essential key factors determining the choice of a washing machine.

choosing washing machine

Drum capacity

The capacity of the drum is an important element, it allows to guide towards the choice best suited to the needs. The composition of the home is also a determining factor.

Household compositionRecommended capacity
1 personUp to 5 kg
2 personsFrom 5 to 6 kg
3 peopleFrom 6 to 8 kg
more than 4 peoplemore than 7 kg

Choosing Washing Machine:Spin speed

The spin speed is expressed in number of revolutions per minute. The higher the speed, the more efficient the spinning and the shorter the drying time of the laundry.
Indeed :

  • 800 rpm = 5h00 drying time
  • 1000 rpm = 3 hours of drying

Most washing machines automatically adjust the spin speed according to the program chosen. If the laundry is dried using a tumble dryer, spinning at 800 rpm is sufficient. The “anti-unbalance” system available on some machines significantly improves the quality of your spinning and prevents your machine from unbalancing during this phase.

choosing washing machine

Choosing Washing Machine:Energy class

The energy class determines the degree of energy consumption of a washing machine. The models with the lowest fuel consumption are rated A +++ (early 2011). According to the Gifam (Interprofessional Group of Household Appliance Manufacturers), washing machines today consume 40% less energy overall today than in the early 2000s. For example:

  • A class A + washing machine consumes 10% less energy class A
  • A class A ++ washing machine consumes 20% less energy class A
  • A class A +++ washing machine consumes 30% less energy than class A
  • A class A + washing machine will cost € 400 in electricity over a period of 20 years, a machine with the same characteristics but class C on the other hand will result in spending € 800 (when purchasing it, however, it will be less expensive).

We find on the products during the purchase an energy label set up by the European Community. These labels allow the devices to be compared in terms of efficiency and energy consumption (water and electricity).

choosing washing machine

Choosing Washing Machine:Water and electricity consumption

The water and electricity consumption depends on the selected washing temperature. To reduce operating costs, it is better to opt for a model that uses little water.
There are machines with wash programs that adjust the water usage according to the laundry load. The “energy” label in the store shows the water consumption in liters.