Choosing the right freezer:you should know the options

Choosing the right freezer wisely from available options include freezers with extra capacity,type of cold,dimensions and climate class.

Choosing the right of freezer can be difficult for them who are unaware of available options in market .Here are the key criteria for them to take into account in order to choose your freezer wisely.

Choose the right freezer

Choosing the right freezer:The capacity

The size of the stove, eating habits as well as the purpose of the freezer (freezing fruit, vegetables, large cooked meals such as game) will determine the capacity. On average it takes:

Household sizeLitrage
1 personLess than 150 L
2/3 people150 L to 250 L
4 people and moreGreater than 250 L

For information, the chest freezer has the largest storage capacity, it can go up to 600 liters.

The type of cold

As with the refrigerator, there are several types of cold:

Static cold : This traditional system distributes the cold naturally and freely. Cold, heavier air descends while warm, lighter air rises. Thus creating zones of different temperatures. For the good preservation of food, it is important to store food in the different temperature zones of the freezer according to their nature. The cold zone being below, it is preferable to place at the bottom of the freezer the foodstuffs which are likely to be kept longer, and above, the foodstuffs which must be consumed as a priority. 

SmartFrost: (cupboard freezer) / StopFrost (chest freezer): Alternative between ventilated cold and static cold. The evaporation pipes are integrated into the walls. The walls are therefore smooth, slowing down the formation of frost. In fact, this system makes it possible to reduce the formation of frost by up to 80%. Thus allowing ease of maintenance, slightly increasing storage capacity and saving energy.

Ventilated cold or “No Frost”: A turbine pulses the cold air which circulates in the compartments, then passes over an evaporator where it is freed of excessive humidity. There is no supply of outside air, the temperature is constant and homogeneous throughout the freezer. This system eliminates any formation of frost. Please note that ventilated refrigeration is only available on “cabinet” freezers.

Choosing the right freezer:The consumption

Like the majority of household appliances, freezers are not exempt from the directive and have their own “Eurolabel” label, which determines their energy efficiency. It therefore allows to accurately assess the energy cost of the freezer. Other information is present on this label such as the useful volume of it.

The power of freezing

The freezing capacity indicates the quantity that the appliance can deep-freeze, that is to say at -18 ° C, in one day, i.e. 24 hours. It is expressed as follows: (xkg / 24h). For a freezer to be considered a 4 *, it must be able to freeze 6.5 kg of food to the core (-18 ° C) for a volume of 100 L in less than 24 hours.


It represents during a power cut, for example, the number of hours during which the freezer maintains a temperature making it possible to keep the food frozen.

Choosing the right freezer:The dimensions

The location assigned to the freezer and its dimensions will influence the choice of model. Indeed an upright freezer takes up less space than a chest freezer. A freezer with a high volume takes up more space than a freezer with a lower volume.

Climate class

The freezer is also attached to a climatic class, in other words its optimal functioning depends on the ambient temperature, on the place where it will be placed. If the ambient temperature is too low, the compressor may stop working, and, conversely, if it is too high, it will run continuously leading to overconsumption and a risk of overheating. There are five climatic classes:

ClassroomAmbient temperature
SN (SubNormal)From + 10 ° C to + 32 ° C
N (Normal)From + 16 ° C to + 32 ° C
SN-ST (Temperate Subtropicalized)From + 10 ° C to + 38 ° C
ST (SubTropical)From + 18 ° C to + 38 ° C
SN-T T (Tropical)From + 18 ° C to + 43 ° C

The options

Manufacturers have added options to the freezer so that it always meets the expectations of potential buyers. The alarms : They are visual and sound, they can prevent if the temperature is too high but also when the door is not closed. The super freezing function : Allows the temperature to drop quickly and optimize freezing. Vacuum handles: They allow you to easily open the freezer. They play directly on the joint, having an airtight action on it. By eliminating the suction effect, they ensure a smooth opening of the door, and ensures a longer life of the seal. The reversible doors : Allow an opening in both directions.