Choosing the right barbecue:Time to festival

Choosing the right barbecue it is important to sweep the different criteria so as to have a barbecue in accordance with your expectations.

before Choosing the right barbecue we know that there are several barbecues, which is why in order to determine your choice when buying it is important to sweep the different criteria below so as not to rush the purchase and have a barbecue in accordance with your expectations.Synonymous with sun and heat, the barbecue is the incomparable ally of convivial summer cooking.

Choosing the right barbecue:The type of fuel

There are three types of fuels. The choice of the type of energy depends on where you live. 

  • The charcoal barbecue : King of the barbecue, the barbecue is necessarily associated with charcoal. It must be used outside the garden or terrace.
  • The gas barbecue : Usually runs on propane or butane. Good alternative to charcoal, because it is easier to light and clean. It must also be used outdoors.
  • Electric barbecue : Popular with city dwellers, it is a good alternative for people without a terrace or garden. It can be used indoors. Works thanks to resistance. 

Choosing the right barbecue:The form

We can find the barbecue in 4 different forms:

  • The barbecue to pose : Ideal for an apartment or for a convivial moment in winter. It can sit in the middle of the table and everyone can then grill as they wish.
  • The barbecue on feet : Traditional form of the barbecue, it offers good stability. It allows to move away the source of smoke, and to move it according to the direction of the wind.
  • The barbecue cart : Easily movable thanks to its wheels (2 or 4). It has a large cooking surface, a work surface and a place to store the gas bottle. 
Choosing the right barbecue


Some models have a cover. Appreciated for their safety and quality of cooking. It allows uniform cooking thanks to a good distribution of heat, making the meat tender and preventing flare-ups.
The cover transforms the barbecue into an oven, allowing the cooking of large pieces.

Choosing the right barbecue


Depending on the shape of the barbecue the grill will change. 
The round grid is only present on round charcoal barbecues, it allows the temperature to be concentrated in the center of the grid. Ideal for cooking hearty foods.
The rectangular grid present on gas and electric barbecues, it distributes the heat over the entire grid. Thanks to its rectangular shape, the cooking surface is optimized.