Choosing the clothes dryer; which one is right for you

In this article you will find some useful tips in order to choosing the right clothes dryer according to your need and requirement.

Choosing the clothes dryer might be difficult decision; these few questions need to be answered and you can decide it.

Choosing clothes dryer: Where to install it / The space required

The wish to superimpose it in the washing machine. Is there the possibility of setting up an evacuation to the outside? etc … These questions will allow you to choose between an exhaust or condensing dryer. Once the model has been chosen, here are the criteria not to be overlooked when buying the dryer.

Choosing clothes dryer

Purchase criteria for your tumble dryer

One way of Choosing clothes dryer is its capacity. The standard capacity is today around 7 kg. For large families as well as for large items (quilts, sportswear, etc.) it is possible to find 8 and 9kg tumble dryers, often with a half load option allowing small quantities to be dried.

Another way of Choosing clothes dryer is To identify the consumption of the dryer, refer to the energy label. Consulting it allows you to realize that two apparently identical devices can have completely different performances. And can thus be decisive in the choice of your dryer.

The place of installation
If the choice is a top load dryer, allow a space of approximately 40 to 46 cm wide and 60 cm deep. Also pay attention to the height, so as not to obstruct the opening, so provide a minimum height of 1.40 to 1.50m. Conversely, if your choice is a front-loading dryer, provide a space of 60 cm wide, and between 57 and 60 cm for the depth. The top of the dryer can serve as a work surface, or receive a front washing machine.

It is preferable to have a dryer with electronic programming. It allows you to obtain the right degree of drying, thus preventing your laundry from drying out.