Caring for your washing machine

Caring for your washing machine:if you properly takecare of your wasing machine it will be good for many years.

Caring for your washing machine: A poorly maintained washing machine deteriorates more quickly. This can be manifested by an unpleasant odor, poorly washed laundry, etc. Machine maintenance is carried out both inside and outside.

Caring for your washing machine

Caring for your washing machine: The drum

In order to remove all the dirt from washing, it is sufficient to run a high temperature washing once a month.

Laundry tub

This is often often removable. Remove it, rinse each compartment with lukewarm water, as well as the duct where the detergent passes. Use a brush to remove detergent residues.

Caring for your washing machine: Pipes

Both the inlet and the drain pipes must be checked (cracks, tightening)


Filter located behind: Drain the water, unscrew the filter to drain the water. Take out the filter completely, clean it, but also wash its cavity. Filter located in the bottom of the drum: Remove it following the instructions in the instructions. Clean the filter but also its location.

Door joint

Clean with lukewarm water. Remove dirt with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Leave the door open after each use for better drying and to avoid odors and mold.


The exterior should also be cleaned with a simple soft damp cloth. A little liquid cleaner can be added.