Cabasse spherical Pearl Sub:French speaker manufacturer Cabasse has announced new active subwoofer called Pearl Sub. The new Sub is shaped like a sphere.

Cabasse spherical Pearl Sub: French speaker manufacturer Cabasse has announced a new active subwoofer called Pearl Sub. The new Pearl Sub is shaped like a sphere. Cabasse has made the construction so that the Pearl Sub seems to float above the floor. On board are amplifiers for the Pearl Sub but also for two passive speakers. The buyer can choose from a black or white version.

Cabasse The Pearl Sub

Cabasse spherical Pearl Sub

The Pearl Sub from French Cabasse founded in 1950 is essentially an active subwoofer for a 2.1 configuration with DSP and the possibility of room optimization. A striking feature is the spherical housing that seems to float above the floor. Its convex shape naturally matches Cabasse’s other spherical speakers, but the Pearl Sub is said to have been ideally designed to support the company’s iO3, Riga 2 and Baltic 5 speaker models.

Cabasse spherical Pearl Sub

Cabasse spherical Pearl Sub has a driver with a diameter of 25 centimeters on board made of carbon fiber. A linear deflection of thirty millimeters and 1,000 watts amplifier power (RMS) provide deep bass. But the Pearl Sub also has 300 Watts onboard left and right channel amplifiers. The entire system is calibrated using Cabasse’s DEAP and CRCS technologies, optimizing the signal for the two connected passive speakers and providing room correction to match the bass reproduction with the listening room.

Complete system

The Cabasse Pearl Sub is therefore more than just an active subwoofer. It is a complete system and with the built-in streaming functions, the user can connect to streaming services such as Qobuz, Deezer, Spotify, Tidal, etc. The Pearl Sub has optical input, analog cinch input, RJ45 LAN connection, USB connectors, wifi and bluetooth connectivity to facilitate the use of external sources such as a turntable, or to access music stored on a network or phone. The Pearl Sub claims to integrate perfectly into the Cabasse Stream Control multiroom system and makes it possible to play all types of audio files from MP3 to ultra-high-definition FLAC files, regardless of whether they are stored on hard drives, streamed from internet radio or via online music services. The high-quality DAC can decode music signal up to 32-bit / 768 kHz.

Cabasse spherical Pearl Sub

In addition to the Stream Control app, the Pearl Sub comes with an ergonomically designed bluetooth remote control, which allows the user to easily and intuitively operate the subwoofer to, for example, adjust the volume, select the input, play and pause music and select a radio station. The whole system can also be controlled with Google Voice Assistant.

The Pearl Sub’s housing has been sprayed with four coats of matte paint. It is decorated with a silver trim ring and a magnetic grille with the Cabasse logo. The Pearl Sub stands on a folded chrome-plated steel base that seemingly hangs it in the air.

The Pearl Sub covers a frequency range from 14 Hz to 180 Hz, according to Cabasse. The dimensions are 338 x 320 x 368 millimeters and the weight is twenty kilograms.

Matching passive speakers

The three most matching speakers according to the manufacturer have also undergone improvements and upgrades. The Baltic 5 is the only 3-way coaxial satellite speaker available. This fifth-generation version features a triaxial TCA speaker from Cabasse’s flagship La Sphère.

The Riga 2 is a compact satellite speaker equipped with a 17 centimeter coaxial driver that will fully meet the demands of music and film lovers alike, delighting listeners with its discretion and elegance.

iO3 is the latest version of the brand’s bestseller. This very compact and powerful lifestyle loudspeaker benefits from a new design and a new mounting system for mounting on the wall, on the base or on a stand.

Each of the satellite speaker models is available in four different finishes: matte black stand with a matte black base, wooden stand with a matte black base, matte black stand with a matte white base and a wooden stand with a matte white base.

Cabasse Pearl Sub: price and delivery information

Cabasse’s new Pearl Sub will be released later this month. Pricing information for the Benelux has yet to be announced. Reportedly, there will also be a discount scheme for those who immediately purchase two Cabasse satellite speakers.

Cabasse spherical Pearl Sub