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Buy Nuki Power Pack: Available from today at webshops

Buy Nuki Power Pack, a sustainable alternative to batteries, Available from today exclusively in the Nuki webshop

Buy Nuki Power Pack: Available from today: Good news for owners of a Nuki smart door lock who are looking for a sustainable alternative to batteries: the previously announced Nuki Power Pack is available from today, exclusively in the Nuki webshop.

Nuki Power Pack

During IFA announced Nuki, known for her smart door locks, a white Nuki edition and the Nuki Power Pack. It is a sustainable alternative to batteries. You can see this Power Pack from Nuki as a rechargeable battery pack, with which you can charge your smart door lock via a USB cable.

Once charged, you can go for another year without having to recharge the Power Pack. This is according to Nuki twice as long as conventional batteries. It would take about 10 hours to fully charge the smart door lock.

Easy connection

The connection of the Power Pack to the Nuki smart door lock would be child’s play, according to the brand. Where you normally put the batteries in, you can now connect the Power Pack via a USB cable.

Buy Nuki Power Pack

Do you want to provide your smart door lock with constant power, so that you no longer even have to charge it? Then you can also connect the Nuki Power Pack to a power source. This also goes via a USB cable. Yes, so there are two USB inputs in the Power Pack.

Buy Nuki Power Pack: price and availability

If you want to buy the Nuki Power Pack, then there is good news. You can buy it from today. Not with various providers – as is the case with other Nuki products – but exclusive in the Nuki webshop. The Nuki Power Pack has a price tag of 49 euros.