Bushbox LF : Hobo all-rounder as a set for adventurers

Review: Bushbox LF from Bushcraft Essentials convinced us in full- The size is perfect to generate enough heat for four-persons

With the EDCBox from Bushcraft Essentials , we have introduced you to a mini cooker for your pocket. This offers all the basic functions of a hobo cooker in the smallest of spaces. With the Bushbox LF from the same manufacturer, we are feeling our way to a larger model, with which you can even cook for up to four people. The principle remains the same – assembled in just a few seconds.

We tested the Bushbox LF Set , which contains the Bushbox together with a universal grate, a pot support set and a hard-wearing transport bag . All components are cheaper in a set than if you buy them individually. We would like to introduce you to the Bushcraft Essentials Bushbox LF in more detail.

Bushbox LF as a set for full-fledged outdoor cooking

The Bushbox LF combines the positive properties of two top models from Bushcraft Esentials : The stove is foldable and compact like the smaller Bushbox and as powerful as the larger Bushbox XL. The addition “LF” stands for “large & foldable”. We would like to test the Bushbox LF for you. Right from the start we like the high-quality hinge technology , which enables the stove to be set up and set up in just a few simple steps.

  • Pack size: 14 x 10 x 1.2 cm (folded)
  • 14 x 10 x 10 cm (set up)
  • Weight: 470 grams
  • Material: stainless steel (1 mm material thickness, 1.4301)

The Bushbox is made of stainless steel and is multi-substance capable . So the stove can be operated not only with wood, but also, for example, with alcohol. We have only tested the stove with wood, as this is usually found everywhere in small and medium-sized quantities. You should always make sure that you only take branches or bark from dead trees; It should also be dry to enable smoke-free cooking .

Set up in a few seconds – three simple steps and go

The Bushbox LF is quickly taken out of the transport bag and ready for use. You only have to pull the stainless steel walls apart ; the hinges automatically guide you to the right place. The base plate ensures a stable construction. Initially, small branches and dry bark are used to cheer up, before larger branches can be placed in the stove. You get a good flame quickly ; the pull through is really excellent.

Well thought-out design with many functions

The practical pot supports can be placed on the top of the stove and thus also allow smaller vessels to be placed on it. There is space for large pots with food for four people even without a pan support. In addition, the stainless steel rods are also used to adjust the height when using other heat sources or to hold and move the hobo cooker. Bushcraft Essentials has also provided some holes for tent pegs, for example, which can thus function as a grill grate or as a holder for other heat sources.

The universal grate also plays an important role and is placed on top either as a pan support or further down in the stove as a support for alcohol stoves or the use of wood pellets or charcoal.

Bushbox LF – conclusion

Thanks to the chimney principle, the stove draws air from the bottom up through the material to be fired. Thus, even damp branches should be made to burn. That’s true, but you should still pay attention to dry branches and bark for the initial firing, if you don’t have a “lighter” in your backpack. The chimney effect has another advantage and directs the flames and all the heat up to the pot or pan – very efficiently . In our test, we were able to generate good heat with just a few branches and heat up food or grill meat.

The Bushbox LF from Bushcraft Essentials convinced us in full. The size is perfect to generate enough heat for four-person meals, but still remain portable. The materials are of high quality and the folding principle also worked well; only sometimes you had to help a little by opening the apparatus again before folding it up if something got jammed. A matter of two seconds. The stove is also cleaned quickly. All in all a great mobile hobo cooker for adventurers and outdoor fans . Our category of outdoor gadgets is happy to include the stove. The set is priced at 69.90 euros.