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Bosch Smart Home products for a smarter home avaiable now

This article highlighted latest Bosch Smart Home products for you smart home that can be an excellent addition to your home

The topic of intelligent living has long ceased to be a niche, as many German households now have smart apartments. The traditional manufacturer Bosch has also been involved in this market for a number of years. There are now some Bosch Smart Home products. Today it should be about the Smart Home Controller, an intelligent heating thermostat and a smart door and window contact.

Bosch Smart Home Set – perfect for beginners

The Bosch company should be familiar to everyone. The traditional manufacturer from Germany is active in many areas and is best known for its products and the associated research in the automotive sector. However, the company also offers some smart products for a smart home. The special feature here is above all the compatibility with all established voice controls on the market.

Setup, special features and functionality of the Smart Home products from Bosch

We would like to start with the actual interface to the outside world , the Bosch Smart Home Controller. This hub integrates all other Bosch products into your network and also allows external control. The  following accessories are included in the scope of delivery of the controller :

  • Bosch Smart Home Controller
  • Wall bracket
  • power adapter
  • LAN cable
  • operation manual

The scope of delivery of the Smart Home Controller at a glance

For the initial setup, the controller must be connected directly to your router via LAN cable . Then the device starts to flash. In the Bosch Smart Home app, you will now be asked to press the button on the front . You have already added the controller. The device is absolutely necessary so that you can control your smart devices not only from home but also when you are on the move .

Smart heating thermostat – efficient and relaxed through cold months

One of the greatest savings opportunities in the household is provided by heating costs in the winter months . You can save a lot of energy here with smart thermostats. In addition to a fair price, the models from Bosch want to convince with their broad compatibility, because the smart radiator thermostats are compatible with Google Home, Alexa and Apple’s HomeKit .

The heating thermostat can also be operated by pressing a button

The scope of delivery of the intelligent heating control includes two suitable AA batteries , a QR code, three adapter rings including mounting accessories, instructions and the device itself. The device is also set up here using the Bosch Smart Home app . To do this, you scan the enclosed QR code with the app and then insert the batteries into the heating thermostat, that’s it. Installation can be carried out quickly without tools and thanks to the included adapters .

Now you can assign your radiator to any room and provide it with automatic schedules. In addition, a boost function is integrated for particularly rapid warming up of a room. In addition to the app control, the thermostat can also conveniently be operated directly at the push of a button . The built-in display shows the current or preset temperature of the room. If you connect the device to your smart home alá Google Home, Alexa or HomeKit, you can also query or control the temperature using a voice assistant .

In addition to the continuous measurement of the room temperature, there are also special functions such as a child safety device that can be activated, a frost protection program from 4 degrees or status messages when the battery is low. In combination with a smart home like HomeKit or the Bosch Smart Home App, automations can also be created. If you combine the thermostat with a door or window contact , for example , the heating will shut down as long as the window is open.

The appropriate door / window contact is also included in the Bosch Smart Home starter set . As with the heating thermostat, the scope of delivery includes an operating manual, a QR code for setting up via app, two AAA batteries and some mounting accessories . Once the contact has been added to the Bosch Smart Home app, it can either be mounted on a window, a door or any other location. The smaller trigger is magnetic and therefore holds by itself – at least on metal. Otherwise, the door and window contact is placed in the appropriate place on the back using a self-adhesive strip.

The current status of the window or door is clearly displayed in the Bosch Smart Home app . In combination with an existing smart home system, you can create clever automations or receive notifications, for example if the window is still open and you are about to leave the house or apartment . There is also a small LED on the contact itself as a status indicator. Since the device only transmits and interacts during action, the battery life should be correspondingly good .

The small door / window contact holds metal magnetically

Inexpensive set for beginners: Bosch Smart Home Products Controller, heating thermostat and window / door contact

Overall, the Bosch Smart Home Set is a good introduction to the world of intelligent living . The subject of heating costs in particular offers great savings potential in the long term and can be implemented quickly and easily thanks to the two enclosed thermostats and the door / window contact. The future security guarantees Bosch through ongoing updates and covering all relevant voice control systems. You get the set, consisting of a Smart Home Controller, two heating thermostats and a door / window contact for 149 euros . Anyone interested in the products can take a closer look at them at Amazon .