Blenders are Essential Appliance of kitchen: Choosing the right one

Blenders: choosing the right one is important because it is Essential Appliance of kitchen in order to be able to make the most of its features.

Blenders: choosing the right one – Having become an essential part of the kitchen, it is important to choose the right blender in order to be able to make the most of its features.

The bowl and its capacity

There are three types of bowl:

  • glass bowl : it keeps food fresh, but above all it is resistant.
  • stainless steel bowl : Very resistant to see unbreakable, however it does not allow the progress of the preparation to be seen.
  • plastic bowl : Often found on entry-level blenders, or as a second bowl.

Once the type of bowl has been chosen, it is important to look at its capacity, which can range from 0.5L to 2L for large models. If the home is made up of one or two people, a bowl of 1 or even 1.5L is sufficient. For a family, opt for a bowl with a capacity greater than 1.5L.

Blenders: choosing the right one

Blenders: choosing the right one – The power

Special attention should be paid to potency.
Just as important as its capacity is the power of the blender. In fact, this will determine its ability to chop, mix or emulsify food. The higher the power, the greater the quantity to be mixed. Generally, blenders offer five speeds, a sufficient number of speeds to guarantee good efficiency of the appliance.
Depending on the power of your appliance, the functions offered differ.
Indeed a device with a power of 500W minimum will allow the realization of crushed ice.
Some blenders with a power of at least 1000W are equipped with the heating function

Blenders: choosing the right one – Engine

The motor is one of the centerpieces of the blender, so it should not be neglected. There are two types of motors on blenders.
The motor says progressive : slow start the speed increases slowly. Avoid splashing.
The silent motor : as its name suggests, it limits noise pollution.


Blenders are part of current trends, both for the colors which have become more and more flashy and for the material of their base.
There are 3 types of base:
The cast metal base : guaranteeing good stability of the device.
The colored stainless steel base : design and of course resistant.
The plastic base : Practical because some models are equipped with a storage box.

Blenders: choosing the right one

Blenders: choosing the right one – The blades

The blades are the second centerpiece of blenders. Ideally in stainless steel, they play a significant role in the performance of the device.
There are two types of blades:
Serrated blades : which allow chopping, slicing and cutting. They are arranged in a star.
The dual-function blades : on one side they grind and on the other they chop and emulsify.

Blenders: choosing the right one – Options and accessories

The non-slip handle as well as the suction cups under the base ensure stability and a good grip of the blender.
The grout filter can be included depending on the make and model.
The cord holder is ideal for quickly storing your device.
Depending on the purpose, some options are more necessary than others. For example, if you want to make soups, veloutés in this case the steam option is preferred. But if you want to make cocktails smoothies in this case, choose the crushed ice option .

Blenders: choosing the right one

Maintain your blender properly

Constant and regular maintenance is essential in order to increase the life of a blender.

After each use, the bowl as well as the blades and accessories must be cleaned. Some bowls, such as glass bowls, are dishwasher safe. Before putting any part of the blender (accessories or others) in the dishwasher, check that it is compatible with.