Blenders are essential appliance and ultimate support to kitchen chores

Blenders: ultimate support to kitchen chores
Blenders: ultimate support of kitchen and it has become an essential appliance.It takes up little space and offers more possibilities.

Blenders: ultimate support to kitchen chores – The blender has become an essential appliance in the kitchen. It takes up little space and offers more possibilities than a conventional mixer. This one has many features making it essential.

Blenders: ultimate support to kitchen chores

It is important to differentiate the blender and the mixer. 
The so-called classic mixer has a metal blade directed by a motor whose purpose is to mix or chop. Its power is limited. 
There is also the hand blender which is composed of a handle with a metal blade that turns. Often used to make soup or sauces.
As for the blender also called blender-mixer is composed of a bowl positioned on a motor block and several rotating blades, and has a power incomparable to the other two.

Blenders: ultimate support – Features of a blender

Its use
Practical and easy to use, the blender allows you to make multiple dishes: soups, smoothies, fruit juices, cocktails, coulis …

Its practicality
Practical, just put all the ingredients and press a button, it chops, emulsifies and mixes in no time, thanks to its electronic and intuitive controls.
Often equipped with a non-slip handle, a base with suction cups, a graduated bowl with spout, make its use easier.
Its cleaning is also easier, the knife block can be unscrewed to facilitate cleaning. 

Its modernization
In order to make it more and more functional and attractive, it is modernized both in terms of design and functionality

The design of the blender is modernized by adapting to current trends and their developments. The colors have become trendy or even flashy for certain brands with apple green, raspberry pink, lagoon blue at KitchenAid… The base can be in cast metal as well as in brushed stainless steel. 

It now has multiple functions and options making it more and more essential.

  • Crushed ice function: ideal for cocktails and smoothies
  • Intuitive Controls: Allows you to select speeds by touch with automatic constant speed maintenance.
  • Slow start function: the blender starts slowly and the speed increases gradually to the desired speed
  • Booster function.

A great advance, and not the least, there are nowadays heating blenders. 

Blenders: ultimate support -heating blenders.

The heating blender has all the functions of a classic blender but it also allows you to cook food in order to make soup, grinded, velvety and keep the preparations warm. Depending on the model, it also allows certain foods to be steamed using additional accessories.