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Best Smart TV mounts of 2020 – Accessories buying guide

This article will guide you latest tools for Best Smart TV mounts available in the market so you can watch and mounts your TVs without any concerns

I have created a list of the best Smart TV mounts that you can buy right now.

Since the appropriate support depends on the size of your Smart TV and your needs, I have added the best support, according to the different needs.

I hope you like it.

Best Smart TV mounts of 2020


Best Smart TV mounts of 2020

The SIMBR is for me one of the best quality-price Smart TV supports, for those who want a support that rotates and tilts .

It is a valid support from 32 to 70 inches , which holds up to 60 kg , which is a weight that is rare for a television to weigh.

It has the VESA 600 × 400 standard , so it is valid for almost any Smart TV.

It also has a great turn thanks to the double elbow which allows it to stay in the center when picked up , which is not the case with others and can be tilted from 10 to 20 degrees .

For the installation it brings many screws that will be used for all types of TV and also a level to be able to level it well in the installation.


The VonHaus is an ideal stand for those who only need to tilt the TV a little .

It has a VESA standard of 400 × 400 , so you can hang televisions from 26 to 55 inches and with a maximum weight of 40 kg .

Best Smart TV mounts of 2020

The good thing about this stand is that you can tilt the TV about 12 degrees , which although it seems like it is not much, it is, although this obviously depends on your needs.

Bring all the necessary parts for assembly and also gives you a 5-year warranty .

For the price it has, it is a great support.


The Invision bracket is ideal for anyone who wants to hang a TV from 26 to 42 inches and needs a complete turn .

For this size you do not need a large support and if you do not plan to reuse it in another larger TV, it is a saving in the purchase.

Best Smart TV mounts of 2020

It is compatible with the VESA standard of 100mmx100mm and 200mmx200mm , but beware, you will not be able to use it with the 200mmx100mm.

It can support up to 40 kg , which is a weight that TVs of the size to which it is compatible will not have, unless it is very, very old and not for that.

You will be able to make a 180 degree turn and an 8 degree tilt .

Recommended accessories for Best Smart TV mounts of 2020

I am going to recommend some accessories that will be great for your new TV stand.


If you don’t want the cables to show, the ideal is to put a gutter .

In this way, the cables will not be seen from the furniture to where the TV is hung.

You will see how well it stays.

Flanges or clips

No products found

If what you prefer is to leave the cables in the air, because they may not be seen, the ideal is to put a No products found .

Personally I prefer velcro , because I am one of those who are constantly changing cables and connecting and disconnecting things.

How to buy the best TV stand for Best Smart TV mounts of 2020

I’m going to give you some tips so that you know how to buy the best TV stand for you, according to your needs.

Fixed or rotating

Many people ask me whether to buy a fixed or swivel mount and they have the answer themselves, because there is no better one .

Will you need to turn the TV on right now or in the immediate future? If so, you may be interested in a rotating one .

Otherwise, I would save it, because the rotating ones are worth more than the fixed ones .


I do recommend that the support you buy has an inclination .

Basically because this improves the viewing angle a lot and sometimes we buy very new technologies and they may fail a bit in the angles, thus solving the problem with the bracket.

Or maybe you want to hang the TV high so that no one trips over it and obviously the best thing is that it can be tilted.

VESA standard

The VESA standard defines which media are compatible with which televisions, but don’t panic, because this is very easy to understand.

When it is said that a TV has a VESA standard of 200mmx200mm , it is simply said that it is compatible with holes of 20x2o centimeters , that is , the distance between them.

The same happens when there are 100mmx100mm, 400mmx400mm, 200mmx100mm, etc.

So the only thing you have to do to know the compatibility of a mount with your TV, is to measure the distance of the screw holes to see if the mount can be screwed to them.


Don’t worry about the weight that a TV stand can bear, because today everyone indicates it.

Also, you should know that all TVs today weigh much less than the old ones and over time they will weigh less and less.

Do you have doubts about what your TV weighs? No problem. Use the scale in your bathroom to weigh your TV without the base and you will leave doubts.

Do you see how simple?


The wall is a very important element when installing a TV stand.

There are wider walls, others thinner, others made of wood, plaster, etc.

I am not an expert in this type of material, but I am going to give you some advice.

In normal or thin brick walls (rasilla) , you will not have a problem due to the weight, but you will have a problem due to the width of the wall, because you can go through it .

The studs can hold up to a certain weight and if you cannot use large studs, you should know if they hold the weight of the TV.

In the event that you have a wall made of wood , plaster or other similar material, I would go to consult a specialized store in the Leroy Merlin style and similar, so that they can advise you on what specific studs to use  for this material.

Are for you the best Best Smart TV mounts of 2020?

As you have seen, buying one of the best support for Smart TV has no science, but you should pay attention to it, especially when hanging your Smart TV on the wall .

I hope it has been useful to you and if you have any questions about any, I will wait for you in the comments.