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Best clothes dryer: guide to choosing the one that best suits your needs

Best clothes dryers - This article offers tips for buying clothes dryer so they can select best machines as per their requirements.

Still no dryer at home? Take a step forward and get an appliance that will become an essential at home, saving time and many other benefits. We help you choose the one that best clothes dryer that will fits your day to day.

Taking clothes out of the washing machine and hanging them out in the sun is not always possible. The lack of space, the humidity or the little time we have for these home routines, makes us have to opt for appliances that help us. The dryers are devices increasingly valued especially in families. 

Innovation has allowed us to benefit from the great advantages that a clothes dryer brings and why it is an essential for your home. Next, we discover the types of dryers that exist and their practical uses so that you can assess if it is a good option for you and your family.

Best clothes dryers – Types of dryers

The types of dryers when talking about best clothes dryers differ according to the way in which they handle the hot air that is produced inside the drum. Mainly, they can be evacuation, condensation, with heating elements or with a heat pump. 

Evacuation dryers

Evacuation dryers take in the air from outside and heat it up in the resistances of the machine. The hot air travels to the drum, where the wet clothes are already. After drying, it is expelled again to the outside through a tube. They are usually the cheapest, but also the ones with the highest energy consumption. Therefore, little by little they are being withdrawn from the market, so they could be more recommended for a second residence.

Condensation dryers

They are a little more expensive than the previous ones, but their energy expenditure is more balanced. Condenser dryers heat the air using electrical heating elements and then convert it into water vapor. When the water cools, it is stored in a tank, which you have to remember to empty periodically.

Heat pump dryers

It is the most modern type of dryer and also the one with the lowest energy consumption. Its operation is simple: the air is generated in a fan, circulates inside the dryer and passes to a heater (the pump). Once hot, it is sent to the drum, where it dries the clothes. Then, it returns to a condenser to cool down, the water vapor condenses, the air dries and returns to the heater, thus taking advantage of the resources for the next cycle.

Best clothes dryer – Other alternatives with drying function

The sector of household appliances for the care of clothes has evolved a lot and has become more versatile and adaptable to the demands of users. And one of them has been to conceive the drying function as a functionality that can be incorporated into traditional washing machines, giving rise to a new category.

Washer-dryer, two functions in one machine

By size or price, not every home can afford to have a separate dryer from the washer. For this reason, washer-dryers or washer-dryers are very practical. They combine the two devices in one and help save space, money and time, since, with the push of a button, they provide the opportunity to wash and dry clothes in a single cycle.

Tips and tricks for choosing the Best clothes dryer

Depending on what your priority is, you will be more interested in an appliance that is more solvent in some areas or others. Here are a few suggestions to get it right.

If you want to forget about the iron

Storing clothes without ironing is a huge time saver, both in the day-to-day laundry and when we make the seasonal wardrobe change. Some models allow the clothes to come out of the dryer with much less wrinkles, even that you can choose how you want them yourself. 

For example, Indesit has different drying programs depending on whether you plan to lay it out in the sun, if you want to iron it (keep a little moisture to make it easier to give it a perfect finish) or if you want it completely dry to store it directly in the drawer . Others have an anti-wrinkle cooling system, such as the Balay, with a special 60-minute cycle after the end of the program. 

If you live in a very humid or rainy city

In certain geographical areas, it is unfeasible to tend outdoors. Faced with intensive use, it is essential that the dryer be as efficient as possible but also versatile.

The Miele dryer, for example, has a wide variety of drying programs, adapting to all types of garments (delicates, shirts, synthetics, hollow wool, bedding …). Others gain effectiveness with innovative technologies, such as AEG that incorporates  FiberPro and 3DScan . FiberPro is optimized to reduce turbulence and circulate better airflow inside the machine, especially at the front. For its part, 3DScan has sensors to detect the humidity of the garments and adjust the necessary time according to this variable.

Another aspect to consider will be the high capacity of your drum. In humid areas you will need a complete drying of all the laundry. If you choose 8 to 10kg dryers like Haier, Siemens or Midea, you will not have space problems, it will also allow you to dry bulky duvets or curtains.

If you want to eliminate allergens and pathogens in children’s clothes

In families with children with allergies, taking care of clothes becomes essential. We have to take care that the textiles are totally free of allergens, and promote their rapid drying since moisture also helps the proliferation of mites. In this line, the disinfection of school clothes is something that worries parents today. High temperatures will ensure its hygiene, eliminating allergens and pathogens.

Many clothes dryers include an anti-allergy program. In this sense, LG’s TrueSteam technology stands out , which focuses precisely on this task based on steam technology. Others, like the Bosch dryer , have a specially dedicated high temperature program to eliminate allergens.

If you want to eliminate bad odors without re-washing clothes

Sometimes it happens that you wash a garment, keep it in the closet and, when you pick it up a while later, it has a closed smell. It is not efficient at all to wash it again for that.

Certain technologies, like Samsung’s AirWash , can help you. Through hot air currents and without the need to add any additional chemical product, it is able to deodorize clothes and eliminate bad odors and bacteria.

If you are looking to save energy (and also time and money)

As we have said, heat pump dryers are the most efficient in terms of energy, so it will be in this category where we find the A +++ rating.