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Belgian Nobi smart lamp for the elderly

Belgian Nobi smart lamp is introduced specially for elder people which will keep monitor their movement and notify immediately if the slipped

Belgian Nobi smart lamp : The Nobi lamp should appear on the market at the end of this year and give the elderly the opportunity to live independently for longer. When you have hung the lamp in the house, it must go through artificial intelligence can be seen whether someone has fallen. Then help can be called in. This is necessary, as one in three over-65s falls at least once a year and two thirds of them are seriously injured as a result. If older people lie on the floor for too long, it can be fatal, even months later.

Belgian Nobi smart lamp to help old aged people

Nobi’s lamp can call for help when the time comes. The lamp can turn on the emergency services and even open the front door for the emergency services. The lamp can also do even more. The lamp also keeps an eye on all kinds of other things, such as air quality and fire and burglary detection. The system is also able to send photos and contact family and friends. At the time of writing, the lamp is being tested in residential care centers and service flats, where the smart lamp will probably be used the most.

The Nobi lamp works without batteries and is alert 24/7. The current ceiling lamp is replaced by a Nobi or Nobita (the smaller version, which can also be used in damp rooms), after which the processor in the lamp can start analyzing data. That does not happen in the cloud. Whether created images are shared, that ultimately determines the user. That is not mandatory. The elder also chooses who has access to his or her data.


If you own an average apartment and want to equip every room with such a smart lamp, the costs can quickly amount to 2490 euros. You are also committed to a monthly healthcare subscription of 19 euros. Would you rather rent the system? That is also possible: then you lose 119 euros per month. That’s for the hardware and for the subscription.