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Arlo is also launching a contactless smart doorbell

Arlo is launching a contactless smart doorbell that a new smart doorbell that includes Proximity Sensing Technology as it will detect movement by itself

Arlo is launching a contactless smart doorbell – It was announced earlier this week has launched a new smart doorbell during CES 2021. Whether they knew about each other? No idea but just after it has during CES 2021 Arlo also announced that it will offer a contactless smart doorbell.

Arlo contactless smart doorbell

We just don’t get to know much from Arlo, because the company does not share photos, name, price or anything else about the product.

All that is reported is that there will be a new smart doorbell that includes Proximity Sensing Technology. This means that the smart doorbell detects movement and when a person comes within a certain distance, the doorbell will automatically be ‘pressed’ and the bell will ring. The smart doorbell will then indicate with a light and sound that the doorbell has been rung for you without touching the doorbell.

An advantage of this contactless smart doorbell is therefore that it distinguishes itself from other smart doorbells because of the contactless ringing. Especially in the pandemic in which we live, this is a handy gadget.

Speculations of new Arlo doorbell

So it remains somewhat speculating what it will be. What will the doorbell look like and what will the price be. The fact is that there are already two smart doorbell providers with ‘Touchless Video Doorbells’, which means that something seems to be going on in the market.

One thing is for sure, we will monitor it closely and are ready to report new developments if more is known.