Apple Music soon on Google Home speakers and display

Apple Music soon on Google: The Verge reported that Apple Music soon will be avaiable on Google Home speakers and display

Good news for users of Apple Music and Google Home speakers or displays: the American tech giant has announced that you can now stream itto Google Assistant smart speakers and smart displays. This reports The Verge.

Set Apple Music as the default music service

Apple Music can now be set as the default music service on a Google Home smart speaker or display: this was already possible with Spotify, YouTube Premium or Pandora. Smart speaker users or smart display with Google Assistant – for example the Nest Audio – you can use voice commands via the voice assistant play songs, start playlists or start albums.

Google is not the first to support Apple Music

We cannot talk about a first: Amazon Alexa speakers and displays already offered this support. Google seems to want to increase its target group with this. Now also seems like a good time: recently pulled Google unplugged Play Music.

Google says that support for AppleĀ  will be rolled out in America, the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Japan from today. It is not yet known exactly when this support will arrive in the Netherlands, but we expect this to follow soon.