Anker Powerline III Flow: Velvety soft USB-C to Lightning charging cable

Anker Powerline III Flow: It is a Velvety soft USB-C to Lightning charging cable which is useful you want to supply your iPhone or iPad

Review: Anker Powerline III Flow – Sometimes it doesn’t take much to be innovative. Anker even manages this with a cable, the Anker Powerline III Flow. According to Anker, the cable should be velvety soft thanks to the graphene wires used and the silica gel sheath. In this form, the cables are so far unique and are really great in the hand.

If you want to supply your iPhone or iPad with the necessary power and do not want to lose sight of the quality factor, the Anker Powerline III Flow cables are the best choice. The USB-C to Lightning cables even deliver Power Delivery performance and thus ensure the fastest charging standard supported by the iPhone or iPad.

Anker Powerline III Flow – Lightning cable for the new year

Maybe the old cable has had its day, or you just want to change something haptically . With the Powerline III Flow, both are possible, because it is really very high quality in the hand and conveys quality at the best level. Haptically our favorite so far, although we have already held many models in our hands . We have already tested several powerline cables from Anker here . The new “Flow” cable is very soft to the touch thanks to the silica gel sheathing. If the term doesn’t mean anything, we would like to quote a few words from Wikipedia:  Silica gel is ” a colorless, amorphous silicon dioxide with a gel-like, rubber-like to solid consistency “.

Durable and spoiled for choice

We tested the loading speeds and got an impression of the feel and look, but of course we couldn’t check the  service life of over 25,000 bends and strains . Experience has shown that anchor cables are actually very durable. We still have models from 6 years ago in the editorial office. And the quality of newer cable models just keeps getting better. Of course, all cables are MFI certified .

When buying, you have to choose between two lengths and four colors each . The length is either 90 or 180 centimeters . This should cover every type of application. It gets exciting with the colors. Here you can choose from old pink, lavender, mint green and black. Except for black, all very fresh colors. The models are priced at 15.99 euros and 17.99 euros depending on the length.