Anker MagSafe Powerbank & Case : Perfect for everyday use

Review: Anker MagSafe Powerbank & Case- We have tested the Anker PowerCore Magnetic 5K Wireless Powerbank and the Anker Magnetic Silicon Case for you.

Not long on the market, but some accessories are already available. We’re talking about Apple’s MagSafe technology. In addition to the Californian group, one of the world’s largest accessory manufacturers now also offers compatible Anker MagSafe products. We have tested the Anker PowerCore Magnetic 5K Wireless Powerbank and the Anker Magnetic Silicon Case for you.

We only recently looked at suitable Apple accessories . If you don’t like the wireless charging technology, we can recommend the new Anker Powerline III Flow charging cable. Everyone else can be really excited about the new power bank , we’ll explain why.

Anker MagSafe PowerCore Magnetic 5K Wireless: The ultimate power bank for on the go

The scope of delivery of the new Anker MagSafe Powerbank is quickly addressed and not very spectacular . In addition to a small manual, there is only a USB C cable in the packaging. Compared to its predecessor, Anker finally includes a USB C to USB C cable  . Since we have completely adopted USB A in our editorial team, we are of course pleased. The power bank itself surprised us a bit. It is really extremely compact and light. The dimensions are comparable to a conventional credit card. The height is also okay with a little over a centimeter .

The workmanship is good as usual and the matt black material looks relatively robust. In addition to the recorded MagSafe ring on the back, there is also a USB C charging port on the PowerCore Magnetic 5K . An additional button and a total of five LEDs visualize the current charge status or the remaining capacity of the small powerhouse. As the name suggests, Anker has given the compact power bank 5,000 mAh . We’ll tell you how long that will last in the next section.

We tested the little magnetic muscle man with an iPhone 12 Pro Max and a normal iPhone 12. We noticed several things. We were able to charge the iPhone 12 from 0 to around 90 percent in our test  , and we used the device briefly from time to time. The iPhone 12 Pro Max, on the other hand, was only supplied with just under 60 to 70 percent of the gained capacity. Unfortunately, a complete charge is not possible here . If you are familiar with lithium batteries, you can calculate that 5,000 milliampere hours minus the conversion and the wireless charging losses can unfortunately no longer be offered here.

We would have liked to have seen a higher total capacity here, but only if the size is not at the expense . After all, the PowerCore Magnetic 5K is intended as a mobile, fast and easy charging solution and it is.

Nevertheless, we also found a valid point of criticism . If you don’t have an iPhone from the 12 series, you can use the conventional USB C port for wired charging. Unfortunately, we were a bit disappointed here , because it only offers an output power of 10 watts . We now see the PD output power of 18 watts, which Anker uses in many other models, as standard. FastCharging is unfortunately not possible with the PowerCore Magnetic 5K. The wireless MagSafe charging also works only with 5 watts, resulting in the battery size of an iPhone 12 Pro Max then something can take .

The size of the PowerCore Magnetic 5k is comparable to a credit card

On the other hand, we liked the portability positively . If your iPhone is empty, take the small power bank out of your pocket or backpack and attach it to the back of the smartphone. It is already charged and you can continue to use it or stow it in a handbag. The magnets are so strong that you can lift the heavy iPhone 12 Pro Max by the battery without it falling down. So you can comfortably charge your devices on the go without having to take an additional cable with you. In our opinion, this is a really good gain in comfort, especially in everyday life or when traveling .

All in all, we really liked the PowerCore Magnetic 5K from Anker. It is neatly made , comes with a USB C to USB C cable and has a good magnetic hold. In addition, it is perfect for everyday use and when traveling, as it is compact and does not require any cables to charge your devices. Only the charging performance, both wireless and wired, unfortunately disappointed us a bit at the relatively high price of 35.99 euros . 

+ compact and suitable for travel slow loading speed
+ strong magnets moderate capacity
+ no cables required high price

The perfect addition: The Anker Magnetic Silicon Case

Since smartphones are becoming more and more expensive and the iPhone 12 series is currently in the upper price segment, it is advisable to use a case every now and then . However , if you don’t want to do without MagSafe compatibility , you should choose a corresponding case with integrated magnets. The Anker Magnetic Silicon Case is exactly such a case, which works perfectly with the power bank just presented. Here you can find out our opinion and first impressions of Anker’s new MagSafe case.

As with the PowerCore Magnetic 5K, there is nothing exciting to report about the scope of delivery . The case will be well packaged and delivered to your home with a small package insert. The first impression gave us a bit of mixed feelings. On the one hand, the cover is pleasantly soft and fits comfortably in the hand . On the other hand, in some places you can easily see the seam where the silicone was pressed together or poured. You are not used to that from Anker. Otherwise, the subtle colors are pleasant and the entire case looks robust .

The iPhone is really easy to put in and take out of the case. It is still stuck thanks to the integrated magnets . In addition, the case offers all-round protection on each side and a protruding edge for the camera lenses. The pressure point of the buttons is comfortable and the entire material lies comfortably in the hand. The iPhone inside is also well protected by the complete lining with soft microfiber  . The built-in MagSafe magnets were able to convince in our test. Both the power bank and other accessories such as Apple’s wallet  held perfectly on the new silicone case from Anker.

The microfiber lining protects the iPhone from scratches

All in all, the case does one thing above all right: Protect the iPhone. It is soft, comfortable to hold and offers  solid protection . Only the small visible seam from production and the accumulation of lint bothered us a bit. The latter can hardly be prevented with silicone cases. Although the black and blue versions are chic and subtle, we would have liked a few more color options here . If you are looking for a silicone case with MagSafe support and don’t want to fall back on Apple’s high-priced models, the Anker Magnetic Silicone Case for 17.99 euros is a good choice. You can find more exciting products at our Apple Gadgets .

+ good feel attracts lint
+ solid protection Manufacturing seam visible
+ MagSafe compatible little choice of colors