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Android Auto comes with support for Samsung SmartThings

Android Auto offers support for Samsung SmartThings providing a great advantage that you can control all your applications from your dashboard.

Do you use Samsung SmartThings and are you planning to use Android Auto in your car in the short term? Then we probably have good news for you: from now on you can use it with Samsung SmartThings.

Android Auto with Samsung SmartThings

One of the great advantages of having this facility is that you can control all your applications from your dashboard. So you no longer have to take your smartphone out of your pocket while driving (which of course is not safe at all) and you have everything at hand in an overview.

From now on a new support will be added: Samsung SmartThings. Android Auto offers the option of using Samsung’s smart home devices smart home system to operate and smart home scenarios to activate.

What can you do with this support?

On Twitter Joe Kester – better known as WinDroidGuy on the social media platform – reports that the integration of SmartThings with Android Auto is now officially live. Although we can only operate six smart home devices, there seems to be a good basis.

Control your SmartThings smart home from the car

With the new support you can therefore control smart home devices that are linked with Samsung SmartThings from your car, provided you use Android Auto of course.

Consider, for example, the possibility to use the smart lighting if you have forgotten this. Or open your front door through it smart door lock to open. Smart home scenarios can also be activated: think of a scenario when you drive away from home or go home from work.