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Amazon Echo Show 5: Analysis and opinion of this smart screen with Alexa

Amazon Echo Show 5: This article presnets Analysis and opinion of the Amazon Echo Show 5 smart screen with Alexa

I’m going to tell you about the Amazon Echo Show 5 , a smart screen that you are sure to love. I think the future is on the way for us to use many devices of this type and I believe that there is no one to take Alexa out of my house .

Amazon Echo Show 5: The Smart Display

Amazon Echo Show 5 is a smart screen with a built-in speaker, with which you can, in addition to controlling devices, do many more tasks.

From controlling your devices, making video calls from Alexa or Skype, starting to cook watching recipes, controlling the security video cameras you have at home, viewing the temperature of the thermostats and much more.

It has a 5.5-inch screen , similar to that of a mobile phone, where you can visually interact with everything you need.


The good thing about these types of devices is the customization of the screen .

In the Echo Show 5 you can customize how the clock is displayed, that is, the dial, the wallpaper, being able to add your own images or photos, etc.

Although I have to confess that I am very bland when it comes to customizations.

It’s video calling time

Although video calls have been with us for many years, there are still those who do not use them, either due to the Internet connection or other reasons.

Now you will have no excuse to do them from home with this device, either from the same Alexa application or if you prefer, with Skype.

Create your routines

I usually use routines a lot on my Alexa devices, because it is very comfortable.

From telling it to change the sound volume at a certain time, seeing what I have in my agendas with a single voice command, etc.

Now you can do it in a much more visual way with this device.

You can create alarms that you will turn off from the screen or with your voice, reminders, find out the latest news or see how the traffic is before leaving.

And while you dress or do other things and you will not need to have anything in hand to look at it.

Guaranteed productivity!

Much more multimedia

For those who like music and movies to the fullest, now you can, for example, the lyrics of the songs while they sound or the latest trailer of the movie you were waiting for.

And what about being in the kitchen and giving you instructions on how to make a dish and also being able to see it visually?

And don’t tell me that you do that with YouTube, because you know how dirty the phone screen ends up, when you have “hands in the dough”.

Alexa, set a timer for 20 minutes!

They are a few simple examples, but I already tell you that this has a lot to take advantage of.

Amazon Echo Show 5 Safety

It seems that Amazon is realizing that we value our privacy very much and has added some security measures to the Echo Show 5.

By pressing a simple button, both the microphone and the device’s camera will be deactivated.

So you can already have a little more peace of mind, in case you do not trust it 100%.

Amazon Echo Show 5:

My take on the Amazon Echo Show 5

My take on the Amazon Echo Show 5 is that it is the device that we were missing .

Yes, from a speaker we can do many things or even from larger screens.

But I think that this device has a more than acceptable size and price to fit into any of our homes.

I see it necessary, both in the bedroom, kitchen or even as a security system , if you already have some security cameras in your house.