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Amazon Echo Show 10 smart display available February 25

Amazon has announced that Amazon Echo Show 10 will be available for sale from 25 February, 2021 for a price of $ 249.99.

It has finally become known when we can buy the Amazon Echo Show 10. The release date is February 25, 2021. This is a lot later than Amazon had announced at the introduction of the smart display: they gave the end of 2020 as an indication for a possible release.

Amazon Echo Show 10

Last September Amazon announced her new Echo Show 10 during the Amazon Hardware 2020 event. It is a smart display that can run with the user when he calls Alexa.

The smart display makes use of echolocation in combination with the camera at the front of the display. The Echo Show 10 can then recognize where the user is and then track them, so the screen is always in view.

Obviously, Amazon’s smart display features Alexa as voice assistant.

Release date: February 25, 2021

During the announcement of the smart display, Amazon announced that it would be released in late 2020 for a price of $ 249.99. Still, it remained awfully quiet during the last months of the year. Only the price seemed to be right, which it did not appear on the virtual shelves in 2020.

Fortunately, Amazon now comes with a precise release date: February 25, 2021. The price will therefore still be the previously communicated $ 249.99.