Amazon Alexa can now switch between multiple languages

multiple languages ​​with Alexa
Multiple languages ​​with Alexa - Voice assistant Alexa can now automatically switch between multiple languages, Amazon announced.

Multiple languages ​​with Alexa: Voice assistant Alexa can now automatically switch between multiple languages. It’s not the only update we can expect from Amazon’s voice assistant: the voice assistant also better anticipate and assist with specific voice commands. Finally, there are also a number of new changes to the use of Alexa while watching TV via Amazon Fire TV.

Multiple languages ​​with Alexa

That’s right: we already had the option to have Alexa automatically switch between two different languages, for example English and French. Now, however, more languages ​​can be selected than just two to one, for example smart speaker or display. In the Alexa application, users can indicate between which languages ​​it should all be possible to switch.

Users can easily switch between the different languages ​​with the voice command “Alexa, speak” followed by the relevant language.

Multiple languages ​​with Alexa

Alexa can now also better anticipate voice commands

In addition to the ability to easily switch between different languages, Alexa could also better anticipate specific voice commands. For example, you could ask how long something takes, such as boiling an egg, after which Alexa suggests setting a timer for boiling an egg.

Finally, Amazon Alexa would also get various new possibilities when watching television via Fire TV; tell the voice assistant to grab popcorn to pause the television.