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Alexa Voice Services available for Dutch developers

Alexa Voice Services for Dutch developers

The voice assistant Alexa can still not be used in the Dutch language. But in the Benelux you can still use the personal assistant in English. The Dutch version may now come a little closer, now that Amazon has announced that Alexa Voice Services is available for Dutch developers. As a result, those developers are able to integrate the assistant directly with their own products.

That let the company know on his own website, intended for developers. When a developer chooses to integrate the voice assistant, the version that speaks British English can be chosen. The developers also get access to the British store where they find skills (with skills Alexa can perform a number of useful actions). Unfortunately, there is as yet no access to the American version of that skill store, but fortunately there are no major differences between the two stores.

Alexa Voice Services, also abbreviated to AVS, allows developers to integrate the voice assistant into their own products. Think for example of smart speakers, telephones or other devices. The developers are then able to experiment on their own hardware and are no longer dependent on official Amazon devices. So you can also work at home on a computer or something like a Raspberry Pi. You still have to purchase a certificate from the tech giant if you intend to launch your own device with Alexa.