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Alexa Hunches: Independently perform actions based on habits

Alexa Hunches Independently perform actions based on your habits and daily life routine. It will perform the function by itself once your repeat it

Amazon Alexa can start trading independently with a new update. It can do this based on habits and frequent requests. For example, if you often ask around 8 p.m. to turn off the light, the voice assistant from Amazon to do this proactively for you.

Alexa Hunches: hunches

Alexa would have been able to recognize patterns and even ask for them since 2018. Amazon calls this ‘Hunches’, hunches or expectations Alexa would have based on your habits.

For this news, Alexa asked users if it was okay, for example, the smart lighting would be turned off or that the smart thermostat would be lowered by a number of degrees around bedtime. With the arrival of this new update, Alexa will be able to perform these ‘hunches’ independently, provided you give permission for this.

Alexa Hunches is clearly shown in the video below.

Determine yourself which actions can be performed independently

We do of course have our doubts about this option: because it is important to remain in control of you smart speaker or smart display where Alexa can be found under the hood.

Fortunately, there seems to be a possibility to indicate which specific actions can be performed independently. In an article where Amazon provides text and explanation about this new update, it is slightly indicated that you could accept it per specific smart home promotion.