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9 advantages of a clothes dryer and why it is essential for your home

Cloth dryers are not as common machine as washing machines are. In this article we will tell you 9 advantages of a clothes dryer in your home.

Essential in many countries, clothes dryers are gaining more and more followers throughout the world. They are capable of completely transforming the way we do laundry, and once you try it, you no longer know how to live without it. This article will elaborate 9 advantages of a clothes dryer.

We have always relied on the sun to dry our laundry, but the action of ultraviolet rays and humidity spoils fabrics, without forgetting that in cold months this task can be complicatedIn addition, the ways of life have changed a lot and we no longer have so much space to open clotheslines or time to dedicate to laundry.

Advantages of a clothes dryer

A clothes dryer is thus presented as the best investment to make our day to day easier. Its advantages are numerous, as are some conceptions that are not entirely true. As we are going to teach you about advantages of a clothes dryer, there are many and very good reasons to close the clothesline and forget about it.

Advantages of a clothes dryer – 1. Save a lot of time when doing laundry

There are many or few in the house, laundry is an inevitable reality. It is also one of the most time-consuming tasks, but with a dryer it will only take a few minutes to start it, forgetting completely until the appliance has finished its program.

The latest models such as the Siemens WT47G439ES heat pump dryer also incorporate special programs to dry much faster. We are talking about complete cycles in just 40 minutes, with the advantages of a clothes dryer of having  delayed programming  so that we do not have to plan our day based on the laundry. You will have the perfect clothes just when you want.

2. There is a dryer for every home

Are the dryers only for large families? Not at all, there are models for all needs and budgets. You can choose it with a larger or smaller capacity if your laundry is small, and depending on the space you have at home.

We can differentiate three basic types of dryer:

  • Evacuation dryers . It is the most traditional model that works by taking air from outside, heating it up by means of electric resistances and expelling it again. They are cheaper but less efficient and need to get a tube outside.
  • Condensing dryers . The system is similar but they work with a closed internal circuit, so they only need a plug. The humid air condenses and accumulates in a tank that must be emptied or connected to a drain.
  • Heat pump condenser dryers. The most advanced ones use a heat pump to heat the air, thus being much more efficient. They can be installed anywhere and hardly make any noise.

In addition, you also have the option of choosing a washer-dryer  if you prefer to save as much space at home, although a freestanding dryer offers better results and has a greater number of specific programs. These devices can be recommended if there is not much space at home.

3. It is very easy and comfortable to use

Hanging clothes is not always easy. Whether on the terrace, rooftop, patio of lights or by means of a lifting system, it is difficult for people with back problems, reduced mobility or short stature. And besides, it can be dangerous for children.

Thanks to advantages of a clothes dryer, putting the dryer, on the other hand, is even more convenient and simple than putting clothes in the washing machine. With the included programs the machine does most of the work and most have sensors to provide efficient automatic drying . This is the case with the Bosch WTW87641ES, which has a self-cleaning condenser – one less concern to keep in mind.

Advantages of a clothes dryer – 4. No more depending on time

It will rain? There is a lot of humidity? I’ll be cloudy? It will give you the same, because with a dryer you will forget to hang. When you need it, the dryer will take care of leaving the perfect clean clothes, at any time of the year, whatever the weather. And if you schedule the cycle, you won’t have to worry about your schedule.

5. Avoid the problems of laying indoors

advantages of a clothes dryer

If you no longer worry about the weather, you will not have to worry about resorting to tricks to tend indoors. You can banish portable clotheslines that are always in the way, with the added risk of small children or pets at home.

In winter we used to use radiators to place wet clothes on or near them, but this can spoil the heating, it is not the best way to dry delicate fabrics and generates humidity and condensation in the environment , causing loss of heat and energy. A dryer not only avoids these problems, but it is also more hygienic.

6. Your clothes like new for longer

Drying in the open air gradually spoils clothes. The Sun, both direct rays and ultraviolet light, deteriorates the fibers and destroys the colors. And in cold months, low temperatures delay drying , leaving them moist for too many hours. They can even freeze, damaging the most sensitive fibers.

If you want your clothes to look like new for much longer, trust the care of a dryer. State-of-the-art models such as the Zanussi ZDH8373W automatically adjust the type of drying to the load, and thanks to programs such as EasyIron + they minimize wrinkles. This way your clothes will look better and you will have less to iron.

In fact, one of the advantages of tumble dryers is that they reduce ironing time on many items. In summer, for example, we can enjoy wrinkle-free shirts thanks to the continuous aeration inside the drum, which avoids the formation of folds like those that occur when wet clothes are hung on a rope.

7. Respects and protects all fabrics

advantages of a clothes dryer

Another widespread myth is to believe that delicate garments cannot be tumbled, or that they can shrink. This could happen in the past, but current models have overcome those barriers, and more than enough.

Wool, silk, waterproof outdoor fabrics , lingerie, party clothes, shirts … Fear no more for your wardrobe. The most advanced technology assures us the maximum care of almost all fabrics , respecting even the most delicate ones. There are even dryers capable of drying materials such as wool , which tends to shrink and deform if we spread it wrong.

A model like the AEG T8DBG842 condensation dryer adjusts the speed and temperature to each fabric, also controlling the movement of the drum so as not to deform any garment. And by avoiding wrinkles, you also avoid the risk of subjecting them to an excessive back iron.

8. Maximum efficiency and sustainability, minimum hassle

Is the dryer another expense in energy consumption? It is actually a very low increase . Energy efficient models such as heat pump condenser dryers reduce waste in the long run, are environmentally friendly and make very little noise. In fact, they sound considerably less than any washing machine spinning.

A good example is the LG RC90V9EV2Q dryer, with Dual Inverter and Eco Hybrid technology that reduces vibrations and noise , saves energy or time depending on the need at the time, and guarantees maximum drying efficiency with minimum consumption.

9. An ally against allergies

advantages of a clothes dryer

Clothes hanging take a long time to dry, and sometimes moisture accumulates in folds and padding that we do not notice when we put them in the closet. This not only damages the garments, but can be a problem for allergy sufferers by facilitating the appearance of allergens. Modern dryers help to keep fabrics free of harmful particles , even more so with the specific programs of the latest models, such as the Bosch WTG87249ES, with Anti-allergy Plus, further enhancing its benefits.

Through a stream of hot, dry air, these devices destroy allergens that may have formed, but also those that impregnate the clothes and that were not eliminated during the wash cycle. In this way you will avoid pollen, mites, dust and dirt particles or animal hair, which are always in the air even though we cannot see them, from settling on the hanging clothes. The dryer also leaves clothes soft, which is an extra advantage to avoid irritation on sensitive skin. A strong argument, especially if we talk about homes with babies.