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5 reasons for using antivirus software to secure your smart home

This article will tell you 5 reasons for using antivirus software to secure your smart home. You will defiantly revisit your approach after reading this

5 reasons for using antivirus software: In a smart home, many devices are connected to the web. Reason enough to learn more about the use of antivirus software. We have listed five reasons why you should consider this.

5 reasons for using antivirus software

More and more devices are connected to the internet. For example, you can save your video images from a smart doorbell in the cloud and you can watch from anywhere in the world with your smart security camera. Although we often delve into the possible functionalities, we often pay less attention to the privacy of these smart home equipment.

At we pay a lot of attention to the security and privacy of devices. In our smart home for beginners section we have a comprehensive guide to smart home privacy . In this article, we will discuss the reasons to consider antivirus software for your smart home.

Smart home devices work over the internet

First of all, it is good to realize that almost all smart home devices must be connected to the internet if you want to enjoy all the benefits. Take the smart doorbell, for example: you have to connect it to the WiFi network to be able to watch via the camera with your smartphone.

Devices that are connected to the web also provide an opening for malicious people to break into your personal network. Viruses can be spread here: especially if you do not have your updates in order (we will come back to this later).

Smart home updates are often forgotten

Just like with your smartphone or tablet, you often need to update your smart home devices. These patches or firmware updates often not only contain new functionalities, but in many cases also close security holes. Yet this is not done much and that makes sense: in an average smart home there are often dozens of products.

To ensure that you do not catch viruses, activating an antivirus software can also be smart. It should be noted that you should of course always perform the updates where possible. Preferably as soon as possible.

Devices often directly connected to a personal WiFi network

Many often hate the fact that a smart home device has a bridge – also called a gateway – required. However, this makes us smile, because this is a bridge to your personal WiFi network. In other words, devices will not be directly connected to your WiFi network. If someone breaks into your network or spreads a virus, your linked devices are not directly at risk because of the intervention of such a drive.

Yet it appears that more and more devices do not require a bridge, which is something we are concerned about. Smart home equipment is increasingly available in the supermarket for bargain prices: and these are the devices that we question in terms of security and privacy.

Smart home devices collect privacy-sensitive information

It is also good to take a moment to consider what your smart home devices collect for data. Let’s take a smart doorbell, then he already knows when you are and not at home and you can see and watch exactly what is going on at your front door. Even more data is collected with a smart security camera in your home. Or how about one smart baby monitor?

The last thing we want is for the software of these devices to be compromised. That is why it is certainly not an unnecessary luxury to consider a good antivirus software.

Smart home operation is often done via smartphone or computer

Now you can still think that smart home devices have less chance of a virus than your smartphone or PC. Perhaps – now – true, but what do you use to control your smart home products? Right: your smartphone, tablet or computer. And it is precisely on such devices that viruses often spread.

Always remember that in many cases your smart home devices are directly connected to your smartphone. Just pay attention to what you have to accept before you can operate just any device (camera, photos, storage, etc.). In short: this is also an important reason to secure your smart home with an antivirus software.