Use and maintain your oven well: Tips and advises

Use and maintain your oven well requires some tips and advises which should be followed

Use and maintain your oven well – Here are a few tips for using and maintaining your oven properly to ensure that it works properly.

Use and maintain your oven well

The first use

When using the oven for the first time, heat the oven empty to around 200 ° C for 1 hour, leaving the oven door ajar in order to evacuate odors and fumes emanating from the oven enclosure.

Use the correct cooking method

Depending on the type of food and the desired purpose, the cooking method will be different. The number of modes differ depending on the model. Multifunction ovens have of course traditional cooking modes (rotating heat, grill) but also additional cooking modes, such as defrost or steam mode. Once the right mode has been selected, all you have to do is choose the right program. Most are automatic. The oven is able to take into account several parameters in order to define the adequate cooking. Indeed, once the dish has been selected, the oven defines the temperature, the cooking method and the cooking time required for the chosen dish. As programs we can find the programs pastries, white meats, large pieces, bread …

Use and maintain your oven well: Cleaning Info

Do not wait for the oven to be loaded with fats and sugars before cleaning. 

Things to avoid Never place an aluminum foil, a baking dish or the pan on the sole, as well as cover the walls of the cavity. This could damage the enamel. Always use suitable dishes. Do not wash the oven gaskets as this may make them lose their effectiveness. In order for the oven to function optimally, it must be maintained. This maintenance comes first of all through cleaning. Whether manual, catalysis or pyrolysis, here are

The right actions to adopt: Cleaning the cavity Cleaning the cavity will differ if the oven is an oven with manual cleaning, catalysis or pyrolysis: For an oven with manual cleaning: Do not wait until it is too dirty. Clean in a warm cavity so that the stains are not too encrusted. Use a non-scouring sponge (so as not to damage the enamel) added to washing up liquid. Rinse well For a catalysis oven: Automatic oven cleaning, during cooking when the temperature exceeds 200 ° C for at least 60 minutes. The walls absorb and destroy projections of fats but also sugars. Once the oven is cold, remove the residue with a damp sponge. For a pyrolysis oven: Automatic oven cleaning using a specific program. The oven rises in temperature (500 ° C) causing the combustion of fats, sugars and dirt. Before starting a pyrolysis cleaning cycle, remove all removable parts.