Usage Tips of Dishwashers: Prepare it to operate efficiently

Usage Tips of Dishwashers
Usage Tips of Dishwashers: In order to preserve a dishwasher and extend its lifespan you should know how to use it properly

Usage Tips of Dishwashers-In order to preserve a dishwasher and extend its lifespan, a few recommendations are in order:

Usage Tips of Dishwashers

Usage Tips of Dishwashers: Prepare your dishwasher

To operate efficiently the dishwasher needs salt and rinse aid, which can be replaced with water soluble tablets.

Roughly remove any significant food residue with a paper towel. In order to have an optimal cleaning, the arrangement of the dishes in the machine is decisive. Usually at the bottom we find the plates, the cutlery basket, as well as the most difficult dishes to wash. Glasses and bowls as well as more fragile crockery are located high up. In order for cleaning to be effective, avoid overloading the dishwasher. Be careful that nothing interferes with the spray arms.

Choose the right program
The program must be suitable for the dishes but also for the desired wash. A quick rinse before washing, or even a soaking program will allow you to better remove the dirt embedded in your dishes.

End of cycle
When the washing cycle is finished, open the door of the machine to release the steam. Wait a few minutes before taking out the dishes, so that they cool. Start by emptying the bottom and finish with the upper basket.

Maintain your dishwasher

The maintenance of the dishwasher is important, it allows the good functioning of this one.

1. Regularly clean and empty the filter and the door seal. Remove visible dirt with a sponge in hot water and a degreaser. Pass the filter under running water. The clogging of this one will affect the good functioning of the machine. Regularly wipe a damp cloth over the trays as well as on the latter’s door.

2. Descale the dishwasher regularly.

3. Clean the spray arms on a quarterly basis. Food residues can lodge there and therefore reduce the quality of washing. If possible, remove the spray arms, run them under water and remove any residue from the holes. If disassembly is not possible using a sharp object such as a knitting needle or toothpick, unblock the holes.

4. Twice a year, it is necessary to run the dishwasher empty in the intensive program in order to clean it.

5. Check the water inlet and outlet pipes once a year.

6. Use a deodorant from time to time to avoid bad odors. Leave the door of the latter open with water in the tank up to the level of the filter in the event of prolonged absence.