The different Ironings: an important part of household chores.

Ironing is an important part of household chores.There are different types of ironings available in market from cheap to expensive one

Ironing is an important part of household chores. There are now different ironings as the ironing market has evolved significantly in recent years, the iron mainly used has had to give way to the steam generator that has imposed itself on this market. We also find more and more followers of the ironing center.

The different Ironings

Before seeing the selection criteria, the advice on maintenance and use of these appliances, it is necessary to understand the functions and uses of the different ironing appliances.

The different Ironings: The steam iron

Appliance inked in the ironing world, the iron is ideal for ironing small quantities of laundry. To get the best efficiency out of it, the ideal is for the ironing board used to have a perforated tray, so that the steam passing through the laundry can escape, without humidifying it. Never use only demineralized water, it could damage the iron, cut it with tap water.

The different Ironings

The different Ironings:The steam generator

For a long time it was associated with professionals, it was subsequently democratized. It generates more steam and over a longer period of time, allowing better relaxation of the fibers and perfect ironing. With a higher tank capacity, it also allows more laundry to be ironed. It is made up of two parts: the tank which generates steam via a heating system, and the iron. 

The different Ironings

The different Ironings:The ironing center

As for professionals, the ironing center has a steam generator integrated into an ironing board which has a maximum of three functions:            

  • Vacuum function: the table sucks and flattens the tissue
  • Blower function: to protect delicate laundry
  • Heating function: Not present on all models, it keeps the cover dry.

The vertical steamer

Little known, and often used by professionals, the vertical steamer appeared on the market not long ago. 
The steamer consists of two parts: a light diffuser connected via a tube to the tank. On the majority of steamers there is a hanger holder attached to the tank. Versatile it can be used as well:

  • For laundry: removes creases without shining or burning fibers on a daily basis. It refreshes the fibers by ridding them of bad odors.
  • Daily: On furnishing fabrics: curtains, cushions, etc. to clean them and thus eliminate dust mites. On carpets it allows you to remove traces of furniture …
The different Ironings

Essential element of ironing and often forgotten:

Ironing board

It is the essential accessory for a good ironing. It must be large enough and perforated so that the steam can escape without difficulty, and having an iron rest size to receive a steam generator.