Review:Imou Bullet 2E – New camera Imou

Review:e Imou Bullet 2E is a smart security camera from Imou,which is intended for outdoor use,and also has built-in spotlights that turn on for movement.

What is the Imou Bullet 2E for camera?

Review: The Imou Bullet 2E is a new one smart security camera from Imou, which is intended for outdoor use, in addition, the camera also has built-in spotlights that turn on for movement. In addition, you will always receive a notification on your smartphone in case of movement, so you can immediately watch what the movement is causing in the garden.

As you can see in the photo above, the camera comes with dual WiFi antennas, which provide a more stable internet connection. We often see that devices that hang outside the house often have problems with a stable internet connection. This can be solved with a good wifi mesh router, but these antennas often solve this problem.

It is also a security camera with which you can store the images internally by means of an SD card, so you do not have to take out an extra subscription. If you want to store the images in the cloud, you do need to take out a subscriber, so you can save images for up to 3 or 30 days and watch them back. Such a subscription from Imou starts from € 19.99 per year (€ 0.05 per day) and with this you have 3 days of cloud storage.

What can this smart camera from Imou do?

The most important question: what exactly can you do with the Imou Bullet 2E? Especially since there are so many smart security cameras nowadays, it is important to know what a camera can and cannot do, so you can make a clear choice whether a camera is suitable for your needs. First of all, it is of course a smart camera, so you can operate the camera in a smart way and therefore watch live remotely. The Bullet 2E also has the following functions:

  • Built-in floodlights with motion detection: something new with this new Bullet camera is that the camera has built-in floodlights. You can set the camera that when there is movement, the camera turns on and the spotlight switches on.
  • Distinction between animals: the camera distinguishes between animals and people, so you don’t get empty messages all the time when, for example, a bird flies by.
  • Camera with Full HD resolution: the camera records images in Full HD, which ensures razor-sharp images.
  • Various options for saving for images: with this camera you have various options for saving images. You can store images in the cloud, on an SD card or on a NAS.
  • Ability to link with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa: do you work with one of these platforms? Then it can be useful to connect the camera to this.
  • Waterproof: because this is an outdoor camera, it is of course also useful to look at the IP certification, this camera has an IP certification of 67, so the camera is dust resistant and waterproof.
  • Camera with night vision: the camera is also equipped with a night camera, so you also have an image in the dark. The spot also provides more light and therefore a better image.
  • Camera works on mains power: the camera works on mains power and is very easy to connect. No hassle with connections or empty batteries.

How does the Imou Bullet 2E camera work?

The Imou Camera works quite simply and is also very easy to install. So you only have to choose the right place for the installation and you can mount the camera immediately. Then you ensure that the camera is supplied with power via an adapter that you simply plug into the socket. The advantage of this is that you do not have to deal with empty batteries, as you had with the Ring Spotlight. Unfortunately, we had to charge this battery weekly, which meant that the camera occasionally turned out. You must of course also have a power point for the camera in the garden.

Imou Bullet 2E

Imou Bullet 2E vs. Ring Spotlight

After you have hung up and adjusted the camera, you can install the camera via the Imou Life app in a few minutes. It is wise to do this before you hang up the camera, because this way you can see in the app exactly how the camera hangs best in terms of image. Furthermore, the camera is very flexible and you can point the camera in all directions for the right image.

In the Imou Life app you can view live images from the camera and you can review recorded images of, for example, movement. You can also make a few changes there, for example you can set the light of the camera differently. You can also link multiple Imou cameras in the system, which gives you a direct overview of all cameras. Check out the image below to get a little idea of ​​the Imou app:


We have experienced the camera as a fairly good and simple camera. The installation is very easy and can be done by anyone, make sure the camera is pointing in the right direction and mount the camera on the wall. After that, all you have to do is plug it in and do the installation via the app. Furthermore, the image of the camera is really sharp and you get notifications in case of movement. You can also make a lot of settings in the app, so you can set the camera completely how you want the camera to work and respond.

This camera can also be used well in a smart home, especially ideal that you have the option of Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. We ourselves use Google Assistant a lot, so the Imou camera works well with it. The ideal thing about a link with Google Assistant is that you can link devices with the camera, for example Philips Hue lighting that responds to movement. You can also recently use the Home and Away Routines combine with this camera.

If we look at the cost of the camera, it is also very interesting. Compared to other smart cameras, this Imou Bullet is a lot cheaper. You do have to take into account additional subscription costs if you also want to record the recorded images in the cloud, but the costs for this are fortunately very low! If you do not want this, you also have the choice of saving on an SD card or on a NAS.

Imou Bullet 2E review

  • Design – 8.5 / 10

  • Support – 9/10

  • Privacy – 8/10

  • Price quality – 9/10

8.6 / 10