Review: VANKYO Cinemango 100 Full HD mini projector

Review: VANKYO Cinemango 100 is an inexpensive Full HD projector that is good in all three departments image quality, fan noise and connection options

Review: VANKYO Cinemango 100 – Blockbusters, news, Netflix series, or YouTube videos; there is a wide pool of digital media content that we consume every day. In addition to a classic television, your own smartphone or tablet, projectors offer a simple way of displaying digital content in extreme dimensions. With the VANKYO Cinemango 100 test, we would like to prove to you today that a large image does not always have to be expensive. Was the full HD mini projector (native 720p) able to convince us? We’ll tell you .

The relatively unknown manufacturer VANKYO has been on the market for some time and sells a wide variety of projector models. We have taken a close look at one of them, the Cinemango 100, for you over the past few weeks. Above all, the compact mini projector would like to score points with its complete package of solid technical data and a fair price.

VANKYO Cinemango 100 – First impression and scope of delivery of the mini projector

The compact projector is delivered in an inconspicuous box, on which the device itself is depicted again. Inside the cardboard box, there is a fabric bag, which contains the actual scope of delivery and the projector. The integrated handle ensures easy and comfortable transport. Among other things, the following is included in the scope of delivery :

  • Fabric carrier bag
  • Cinemango 100 mini projector
  • C7 power cord
  • remote control
  • VGA cable
  • HDMI cable
  • AV cinch cable (3-way)
  • operation manual
  • Warranty card

The manufacturer VANKYO has equipped the Cinemango 100 with a broad portfolio of connection options   . We’ll clarify immediately which ports are available on the projector itself. One advantage of the C7 power cord: If you need a longer one, you can buy it cheaply on Amazon. When we first picked up the compact device, we immediately noticed its low weight of around two kilograms . We would describe the dimensions as just as compact at 24 × 18.3 × 9.6 centimeters. The general workmanship is okay considering the low price.

Connection options, technical data and functions at a glance

The most important thing of every projector, the built-in lens, is covered with a  rotating cap . In addition, the sharpness of the image can be adjusted via the distance and the angle of inclination with a commercially available dual rotary knob . The mandatory ventilation grilles are located on the side. To what extent the volume of the VANKYO projector influences the film and television experience, we will clarify below in the test section. The manufacturer integrated various connections on the back (from left to right) :

  • 1x VGA
  • 2x HDMI
  • 1x AV
  • 1x 3.5mm jack
  • 1x SD card slot
  • 1x C7 power connector

The buttons on the top are used to control the projector . The symbols placed there are self-explanatory due to their symbolism. In addition to a button for back, option and media source there is a multifunctional keypad to navigate through the manufacturer’s software. To switch the Cinemango 100 on and off, it is sufficient to briefly press the round blue button. Finally, there is an LED on both the front and the back .

How good is the picture of the cheap mini projector Cinemango 100?

After the first start, a short setup with language selection takes place . Then VANKYO offers some setting options for picture and sound. Among other things, image size, format, noise reduction and color temperature can be adjusted. Depending on the background, we recommend making the appropriate individual settings to optimize the image. In terms of sound, you can choose between different modes and automatic control. This can have a positive effect on films. The integrated timer ensures that the Cinemango 100 is switched off automatically if necessary. Updates can be imported via the system settings, unfortunately only via USB and not via OTA .

Depending on the distance between the mini projector, image sizes of up to 220 inches can be achieved. However, the manufacturer recommends a maximum distance of 3 meters for a 100 inch image for the best result. In our test, we placed the projector at different distances from the wall. In our opinion, the optimal distance to the wall is between 2 and 3 meters as indicated  . The integrated 2 watt speaker is definitely sufficient to watch short videos from your last vacation or a football game. However, if you plan to watch a blockbuster with several people, you should definitely use external speakers .

In addition, separate boxes have a positive effect on the fan noise , since the projector is not the sound source. The Cinemango 100 Mini Beamer gets quite warm during longer films , but the built-in fan remains at a constant level. The fan noise is inconspicuous and not annoying with a certain seat spacing or when used outdoors. We are more than satisfied here for the price of the projector called up by VANKYO .

If you set the image sharpness optimally, the image quality is  absolutely convincing thanks to the 720p resolution (Full HD support). We also liked one of the most important points, the brightness. The projector delivered a decent result at dusk and in the dark. However, if you want to watch a soccer game in bright sunshine in the garden, you should look around for a higher-priced model. For those who now and then want to watch or gamble a film, a series or a game on the console via a projector, the VANKO Cinemango 100 is definitely sufficient. However, we doubt whether the mini projector achieves the 5,000 lumens set by the manufacturer – here the manufacturers like to play with lumens and ANSI lumens (a big difference). Nevertheless, the brightness is sufficient and appropriate for the price point.

The colors are balanced and the contrast ratio is okay at 3,500: 1. Inexpensive LCD televisions sometimes achieve poorer values ​​here. We mainly connected an iPad Pro via USB-C adapter , an iPhone 11 Pro via Lightning-HDMI adapter and a Windows laptop via VGA to the Cinemango 100 for testing. The change between the input sources was quick. The device delivered the best picture quality with HDMI, USB and SD cards.

Our conclusion on the Cinemango 100 Mini Beamer: Solid quality at a low price

In principle, you should pay attention to three things , especially with beamers and projectors in the lower price segment: image quality, fan noise and connection options. The VANKYO Cinemango 100 currently costs just 129.99 euros and is always on offer for around 90 euros. In return, you get a solid overall package. The fan noises are okay, the picture quality is really appealing and the connection options leave nothing to be desired . The scope of delivery is just as generous, so that no separate cables have to be purchased. Even if the upcoming World Cup has been postponed by a year, you can use the VANKYO Cinemango 100 Mini Beamer to view films, series, soccer games, YouTube videos and much more impressive size .

We would only name the software updates via USB instead of OTA and the weak speaker as points of criticism . However, given the price called, this is bearable as we find. All in all, the mini projector from VANKYO made a positive impression .