Review: Teufel Airy True Wireless

Review:TEUFEL AIRY TRUE WIRELESS-With a dynamic low end and a rich midrange, the Teufels are more than capable of reproducing pop and electronic music.

REVIEW: TEUFEL AIRY TRUE WIRELESS: Today no heavy review of an equally heavy amplifier, which you can also use to pay off about half of your mortgage. No, on this Wednesday we keep it nice and light, with something that is light as a feather and not too heavy on the wallet. A shorter story too, delicious with coffee. A set of in-ears, appropriately named Airy. The Teufel Airy True Wireless, to be precise. 

‘Teufel Airy True Wireless’,  a label that fits perfectly with the current trend. Wireless audio, with a slick name, wrapped in a design that somewhat resembles Apple design, but it is not. And then from Teufel , a brand that can appeal to the real Dutch in us: a lot of good quality product, but for a low price. The Teufel Airy True Wireless is sold for 150 euros. In addition to the standard color black or white, the Germans have also opted for a blue jeans variant. That is secretly a really cool performance. 

In your pocket or at hand

Despite the price tag, Teufel has paid a lot of attention to the Airy True Wireless, which is already apparent when we go through the functionality and specifications. Bluetooth 5.0 is something that strikes us, as is the IPX5 rating. That is to say splash-proof. According to Teufel, a full battery, with both the case and the in-ears fully charged, would be good for 25 hours of music.

On the outside we find the brand name, supported by an LED light and equipped with touch control. Or as Teufel calls it, Smart touch control. If we look at what functionality is linked to it, we wonder, however, what exactly is smart about it? Because a tap to start or stop, a long touch to record a conversation, that sounds like touch control. Nothing smart about it.


Another thing you shouldn’t read about too quickly is noise reduction. The Teufel Airy True Wireless has noise suppression in the dual microphone (which works excellently, by the way), but not in the earpiece. That has everything to do with calling, and nothing to do with listening to music.

Both the case and the in-ears are made of a fine plastic. It feels nice and the in-ears are provided with a very pleasant silicone tip. This also ensures that the weight is only 49 grams. During the review, we often experienced that we carried the case in our pocket, but honestly did not realize that we had it with us. Which in practice even ensured that we also sometimes included our other wireless in-ears, to discover that you went out with 2 sets of in-ears.

Teufel sound

After quite a few Teufel products, we have come to recognize and appreciate the sound of the Berlin brand. It is very briefly described as “Just Good Sound”. In the Airy Wireless, this is provided by linear HD neodymium drivers, for a sound image that sounds even better than what we are used to from Teufel.

In-ears come in many shapes and sizes. We also reviewed the House of Marley Liberate Air versus the Klipsch T5  . The Teufel in turn now uses the current available technology. Like the Bluetooth 5.0 with AAC transfer. The Teufel Airy True Wireless scores very well on a few points. The first is the fit, because we have never had a set of in-ears that are so good out of the box. With most models, wired or wireless, you have to switch tips a few times before you find the right fit. Not with the Teufel Airy True Wireless. The fit is so good that we hardly hear anything from the outside world. The natural cushioning is of a high level.


Then the music reproduction. The sound engineers at Teufel have opted for a sound reproduction that will appeal to many people. That is, aimed at contemporary pop music. The sound image has a dynamic layer. This gives the middle, such as vocals and strings, a bit more spice. The high for details is fine, or as we are used to from Teufel, just good. We listen to the new song from Miley Cyrus – Midnight Sky, the Lo-Fi Beats playlist on Spotify and the latest episode of The Boom Room.


The music is all up tempo . With a few exceptions. The song from Miley Cyrus – Midnight Sky has a “touch”, or rather a dash, of the 80s. And we actually like that sound. The voice of Miley Cyrus mainly moves in the mid frequencies, so it gets that little bit extra from the dynamic low. It sounds full and round. Just as you expect from pop music. Synthesizers do come up high and get a good place in the sound image. An episode of The Boom Room is a nice listen. Actually, we don’t think about it anymore, and before we know it we are already an hour further.

Final verdict

We have been able to use the Teufel Airy True Wireless for a little longer and have really come to appreciate the sound. The weight of the case ensures that you can easily take the set with you. It may not feel very solid and the white color smudges quickly, but while the in-ears and case can feel “cheap”, the sound certainly isn’t. The sound image is full and rich. The dynamic low and well-filled middle ensures a very good price-quality ratio. The lack of real “smart” controls is more than made up for in our opinion by the sound quality. If this is what we can expect from Teufel in terms of audio in the future, then we would like to see more products coming our way.


Thanks to the jeans blue color, these earbuds no longer look like an Apple clone, but in terms of sound, the Teufel Airy True Wireless still manages to impress us. With a dynamic low end and a rich midrange, the Teufels are more than capable of reproducing pop and electronic music.


  • Good audio reproduction for pop music
  • Affordable quality
  • lightweight


  • Not a real smart control