Review: Speck AirPods Cases, It’s Hard To ignore

Review: Speck AirPods Cases - You can find hundreds of alternatives on the market and online stores, which are no better or worse, but a lot cheaper.

Speck has been making iPhone cases in cheerful colors for years. For this review, however, we took a look at some AirPods cases in the Presidio Pro and Candyshell series. Are you better Speck AirPods Cases off than with ‘cheap junk’ from China?

Speck AirPods cases

To begin with: Speck’s products, just like Apple’s, come from China and are designed in California. The company likes to emphasize this on the website and seems to have looked closely at statements from Apple:

Our roots are in the heart of Silicon Valley, at the intersection of design and technology, inspiring us to craft masterfully engineered products. We are surrounded by the dreamers, experimenters, and geniuses that created the devices we rely on every day — the same devices Speck is dedicated to protecting.

OK, this sounds familiar to Apple fans, but it also means that my expectations were high as a result. The holographic authenticity seals with Real Speck promise at least an above-average quality. Would Speck live up to it?

I have tested two versions of the Speck AirPods cases:

  • Candyshell, a hard plastic case that consists of two parts and is available for € 20 (
  • Presidio Pro, a more expensive one-piece rubber case ( approx. € 25-30 )

Both are available in several colors, although you will have to look a bit. The green Candyshell that you see in the pictures is sold out at Speck itself and hardly available at Dutch stores. The Presidio Pro is available but not at common stores . What also struck me is that opinions differ quite a bit. The Bali Blue version (on average 1 star) produces reactions such as “garbage” and “horrible design”, while the glitter version(average 5 stars) only arouses enthusiasm. Prices also vary widely, from 15 to 30 euros, depending on the color. The main complaint is that it is impossible to get the AirPods out of the case again. This is a problem especially with the Presidio Pro, so your only solution is to cut the case open. There are fewer problems with the Candyshell.

Speck AirPods cases in short

These are the main features of the Presidio Pro and Candyshell AirPods cases:

  • Several colors
  • Suitable for 1st and 2nd generation AirPods
  • Microban: lifetime protection against bacteria
  • Suitable for wireless charging
  • Hardshell
  • Opening at the bottom for Lightning connection
  • Supplied with carabiner for attachment to bag or jacket
  • Price: between € 19 and € 29

Design and material

Both cases differ in design and material. The cheapest option is the Speck Candyshell (€ 20). When you take the case out of the packaging, it is a bit of a shock: on the packaging you see a matte cover in deep green, but the product itself has a completely different shade of green and is shiny, so it does not look like a premium product . This cover consists of two separate parts, which are connected with a plastic eye. The packaging calls this a ‘high-strength carabiner’ but I wouldn’t use it for heavy objects. If someone tries to rip the AirPods off your bag, they probably will.

The Presidio Pro is a tenner more expensive and looks a lot more neat. This one is made of matt silicone rubber and comes with a metal carabiner. The colors of this cover also appeal more to us; dark blue is especially popular and the white version is nice and neutral.

Speck AirPods cases in use

Unfortunately I have to agree with people who complain about these cases: in use it is a drama. After placing the AirPods in the Presidio Pro case, it was impossible to get them out again. We’ve been prying with 3 editors and were about to cut the top cover off. You cannot pull or push hard, because you can easily damage the top part of the AirPods box. Pushing up through the Lightning hole is also not possible, because the lid of the case blocks this. After fifteen minutes of prying and a broken nail, I finally managed to take the AirPods out again.

The Candyshell is easier to remove if you detach the ring first. Because this case consists of two parts, you can first remove the lid and then the bottom. In itself, this box is fine to use, although the appearance is still a bit disappointing.

The point is, there is a lot of competition from cheap cases, and such a case is not a technologically complex product. I expect a good appearance and a well thought-out design from a reputable manufacturer. Especially if I pay € 30 while I can find counterfeit for less than € 3 on AliExpress . Speck has failed to deliver on this point. We sometimes receive review products that make us wonder: has anyone tested this at all? Unfortunately, this is the case with these AirPods cases.

Speck AirPods Cases Conclusion

Unfortunately, we cannot recommend either AirPods cases. You can find hundreds of alternatives on the market and online stores, which are no better or worse, but a lot cheaper. The Candyshell looks too cheap and the color doesn’t match the packaging.

The Presidio Pro has a slightly nicer look due to the use of silicone rubber, but most other AirPods cases are also made of this material. The design is especially wrong with this case. It is incomprehensible why the case does not close properly and why Speck has made do with the criticism that the AirPods are impossible to take out. You will not lose them quickly because of the carabiner. Therefore, choose a color that really appeals to you, because you will not get rid of it.


  • Available in different colors
  • Protects your AirPods well


  • Case is virtually impossible to remove with Presidio Pro
  • Presidio Pro does not close properly
  • Not a premium look at Candyshell
  • Hard to get
  • The duration; for the same money you can buy better covers