Review: Native Union Drop XL Wireless charging station

Review: Native Union Drop XL Wireless which include charging station including Apple Watch charging module assures you a high-quality feeling

Review: Native Union Drop XL Wireless charging station – With the Native Union Drop Classic , we have already tested a small wireless charging option from Native Union for you. Today it’s about the flagship, which can directly supply several devices with power. Since many Apple users want to charge several devices such as the iPhone, AirPods or Apple Watch, the Native Union Drop XL can be exactly the right charging station. Wireless charging of up to three devices at the same time.

Review: Native Union Drop XL Wireless charging station

While wireless charging was not very widespread until a few years ago, the technology is finding its way into more and more devices such as smartphones and headphones. The charging options are becoming more and more efficient, stylish and better processed . We see Native Union at the top of the list of Apple accessories manufacturers in terms of quality. With the Drop XL we are now testing a wireless charging station in the Apple Watch Edition , which in this case means that a charging module for the Apple Watch can be plugged in here. But more on that below in the review.

Native Union Drop XL as an all-in-one solution

Well, anyone who owns Apple Watch, iPhone and AirPods knows that these devices, especially the Apple Watch, have to be supplied with power every day . Fortunately, the times when you had to organize all kinds of charging cables on the desk are over. Nowadays people rely on entire charging stations that supply all relevant devices with power – and even completely wirelessly . A single cable to this charging station is sufficient.

Review: Native Union Drop XL Wireless charging station

The Native Union Drop XL charging station comes to your home in a stylish and simple packaging. The pack contains the charging station itself, as well as the attachable Apple Watch charging module and plug adapter for other countries. The plug for German households is quickly found and plugged in. The charging station is ready for use after you have connected the charging module for the Apple Watch – a short press and it holds it firmly in the dock and everything looks right.

Review: Native Union Drop XL Wireless charging station

The first impression – quality and workmanship

The point of quality and workmanship must be emphasized separately here, as Native Union writes these two points very capitalized with the Drop XL charging station . We have never seen a better quality with any dock. Not even with the  Satechi Trio charging pad,  which has a similar price level, but is made entirely of plastic. The Drop XL Station by Native Union is made from  durable home textiles and aircraft aluminum. A silicone profile pattern on the top prevents slipping and overheating. Overall, not only is the first impression excellent; this is confirmed even after many days of use.

The charging station charges  all Qi-enabled devices with a maximum of 10 watts . iPhones from the iPhone 8 are charged with 7.5 watts. The maximum that is currently possible and unfortunately limited by Apple. The Drop XL does a great job here and charges devices in the best possible way. It feels good to put it down; you put your device on a silicone surface where no scratches can occur. You have to make sure that you put the smartphone down in a targeted manner, but you don’t have to be as precise as with other charging stations.

Nevertheless, a precise alignment of the smartphone on the charging pad is recommended for the most efficient wireless charging possible. The pad can be stowed away quickly for transport on vacation or for other trips. However, you should remove the Apple Watch charging module beforehand – better safe than sorry.

The Apple Watch charging module looks really good and can easily be plugged in via USB-A. The Apple Watch reaches a comfortable height as soon as it is plugged in. There is still enough space for the Apple AirPods . Of course, the Apple Watch charger can also be unplugged – this frees the USB-A output for other cables, for example to charge a second smartphone or tablet. The possibilities are not limitless here as with the  Pitaka Air Omni Lite charging station , but they are really versatile and, above all, sufficient for most users.

The  45 W AC power supply provides enough energy to reliably charge all devices. Unfortunately, there is no USB-C cable included, but a separate connector. A small point of criticism, but forgiving if you consider the positive properties of the charging station. The cable is two meters long , which makes the charging station flexible when it comes to setting up. A real leather strap is included in the scope of delivery and serves as a “cable tie” so that you don’t have the full two meters of cable lying around behind the bed or desk.

Native Union Drop XL Wireless charging station – Conclusion

We think the flagship of Native Union is well done. Whereby “good” is still an understatement. The quality couldn’t be better. The feel is great thanks to the aircraft aluminum used. When you unpack it for the first time, you immediately get a high-quality feeling , this is how it should be with premium Apple accessories. All in all, apart from the fact that USB-C could have been installed, we are very satisfied with the product. We recommend buying the Drop XL charging station. It is available for 149 euros.