RAVPower Powerbank with 60 Watt PD & 20,000mAh in the test

Review: RAVPower Powerbank - We are very satisfied with the performance. Both this, as well as the handling. Not a bad deal at all.

Review: RAVPower Powerbank – The topic of mobile working has never been more present than it is today. Our editor Laura has summarized the TOP 21 products with our detailed list of exciting and useful home office gadgets . Another thing that should not be missing when working on the move is a powerful power bank. We have tested the 60 Watt PD Powerbank from RAVPower for you – charge your MacBook; no problem?

Anyone who can work on the go should always have enough power on their end devices . Because a socket is not always available. Not only notebooks, but also smartphones are becoming more and more energy-hungry and are being operated by increasingly powerful power supplies. In order to be as independent as possible, many users use power banks – the RAVPower 60W PD power bank sets records and even wants to charge a MacBook with maximum power supply. We would like to test this with three different devices.

  • MacBook Pro 15.4 inch 2018
  • MacBook Air 13.3 inch 2020
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max

RAVPower 60W Powerbank for MacBook Pro and iPhone

Sure, with an old smartphone it makes little difference whether you charge it with 20 or 60 watts; the power consumption is simply limited. With today’s devices, values ​​beyond 50W are quickly reached. In order to still be able to charge at maximum speed, either a power supply or a powerful power bank like this model from RAVPower must be used. Especially those who work with a MacBook Pro know that the newer models are charged with an 80 watt charger. We are testing whether RAVPower can provide a few more hours of “work on the go” with its 60 watt power bank. The capacity of the built-in LG 21700 premium batteries is 20,000mAh .

Processing, haptics & operation

The RAVPower Powerbank is delivered in a slim, simple packaging and only a USB-C to USB-C cable. This is primarily intended for charging the power bank itself, but can also be used to charge its USB-C devices . A small leaflet provides information about the product – we like the simple scope of delivery.

Simple, compact and functional – three adjectives that should describe the product well. The black design doesn’t stand out very much from the large number of power banks, but that’s not bad either. On the contrary; We like the simple design. The corrugated surface feels good and the RAVPower lettering can be found on the top. On the front side of the two connections there is a button to switch on the power bank. This means that 60 watts reach the connected device via Power Delivery (PD) – via the USB-C output, of course. If two devices are connected, 45 watts are possible via USB-C and 15 watts via USB-A. Incidentally, the QC-USB-A output creates a maximum of 15 watts if only one device is connected.

The workmanship is good as usual and can be measured against its competition. The button can. Press well and all in all, the power bank looks high-quality and robust . The operation is quite simple. All you have to do is plug in a cable, then the device to be charged and off you go. The current battery level can be read via four LED indicators , which are also located next to the button.

Should the 60W power bank from RAVPower be empty, it will be recharged via USB-C with a maximum of 30 watts . The whole charging process should be finished in just three hours and lo and behold; In our test, we were able to charge the power bank from 0 to 100% with a 90 watt power supply in just over three hours – of course, less powerful power supplies can also be useful for this, since the power bank has a maximum input of 30 watts. Thanks to the multiple charge protection mechanisms , safe charging is offered; including overcurrent, short circuit, overdischarge and overheating protection.

The everyday test – 60W power bank in use

The Powerbank is charged reliably, but how does it fare when charging other devices? That should also be the actual job of the power bank. We tested the 60W PD Powerbank with a MacBook Pro 15.4 inch, a MacBook Air and an iPhone 11 Pro Max . For example, 2.6 full charges of an iPhone 11 Pro Max are given. Unfortunately, our test was unable to fully confirm this value, but it does quite well with just over two full charges. The goodwill can be deducted and therefore provides a satisfactory result .

The real reason for such a powerful power bank was our MacBook Pro 15.4 inch from 2018, which we want to charge independently from an electrical outlet on the go, in order to be able to work a few more hours . In the everyday test, the RAVPower power bank was able to charge the MacBook Pro from 0% to around 80% without using it any further. When used at the same time during the charging process, around 65% were shown on the battery status display. Great values ​​for working a few more valuable hours on the notebook. The MacBook Air could be fully charged.

Size comparison with an iPhone 11 Pro Max, which is only slightly larger, but slimmer – the dimensions of the power bank are very compact and suitable for everyday use

Conclusion RAVPower Powerbank – is it worth buying?

We are very satisfied with the performance. Both this, as well as the handling, the recharging of the RAVPower battery and the mobility due to the compact dimensions convinced us in the test. For our area of ​​application, the RAVPower 60W Powerbank with Power Delivery is the perfect accompaniment through everyday mobile work . Of course, not only ” pro devices “, but also conventional smartphones, tablets and USB-C notebooks are charged with the power bank. When charging the devices, you should make sure that the power bank has space to “breathe” as it can get a little warm due to the high output. We were completely satisfied with the product. There is also nothing to complain about in terms of price; the accessories are available for 59.99 euros .