OPPO X 2021 – smartphone in development – First impression

This is first impression of OPPO X 2021 mobile that is going to hit markets very soon. Here you can see its images, video and first impression.

OPPO X 2021 it is just a normal telephone. Big, but stuffing my pants pocket in the same way as the TCL 20 SE I am using now with a 6.82 inch screen. The OPPO X is 6.7 inches, and when unfolded – 7.4 inches. In addition, it is an OLED display, so you can not have any reservations about the quality of the displayed image.

Huawei and Samsung, which were the first to introduce collections into salons, have struggled and are still struggling with two dilemmas. The first is whether the screen is to be folded in (it is safer for it) or out. And the second – what to do so that the uneven surface on the fold after unfolding is as little visible as possible and does not disturb the users. And although both companies have already released their devices for mass production, these dilemmas are still not resolved. But maybe OPPO just finished them. Because the sliding screen has no fold and is smooth all the time, no matter what size we decide to use. It is covered with Gorilla Glass 3, so of course you will probably have to pay more attention to it than the displays of ordinary smartphones, but you may not have to handle it like an egg.

What does the process of sliding apart and sliding look like? We activate it with a button on the edge – sliding your finger up or down increases or decreases the display. It works flawlessly, and you have to remember that we are still dealing with a prototype, not the final device. To open the screen, you need to unlock your phone first. This is to prevent accidental opening, for example when we keep it in our pocket.

Technically, the housing consists of two frames – a fixed one and a sliding one. The phone has two gears responsible for the movement of the screen. It is based on parts with a “comb structure” that move apart as the screen grows while still providing adequate support and durability, thanks also to a 0.1 mm thick steel support. There are no noises that disturb the ear during the whole process.

Test OPPO X had Chinese soft without Google’s services, but the company uploaded several applications to it. So you could check how they perform on a normal and big screen. In PUBG, when sliding the smartphone apart, it perfectly coped with image scaling, smoothly switching from smaller to larger and vice versa.

According to the manufacturer’s assurances, the phone will withstand over 100,000 spreads, which should be enough for about 5.5 years of average use or two to three very intensive.

Of course, there are still many unanswered questions. For example, what about the selfie camera – because there is no hole in the display. Perhaps it will be placed under the screen, or perhaps the manufacturer will completely abandon it. The specification of the rest is also unknown, i.e. the set of cameras, the processor or the size of the battery. All this will surely change until the moment of entry OPPO X for the production. Certainly, the company will try to ensure that both the action and the photos are of the highest quality. It is hard to imagine that it would be otherwise in this type of device.