Nobi comes with a smart lamp for the elderly

These Nobi lamps are smart lamps that have been specially developed for fall prevention, fall detection and safety.

During the CES 2021 the Belgian company Nobi introduced two new ones smart bulbs. These Nobi lamps are smart lamps that have been specially developed for fall prevention, fall detection and safety. The lamp is intended to allow the elderly to live independently for longer in their familiar environment. Research shows that one in three people over 65 falls once a year, with 66% seriously injuring themselves. The Nobi website also states that 62% of the elderly who do not receive help within an hour, cannot subsequently live independently.

How does the Nobi smart lamp work?

The Nobi lamp must be hung in a central place in the living environment. Based on AI and an extensive sensor system in the lamp, it registers movements and reacts to them. An example of this is that when a person in the bedroom sits up at night, the lamp automatically illuminates the room. By means of AI, the lamp also registers changes in mobility and on the basis of this data, the lamp sends warnings via app notifications or the lamp sends encouraging messages.

In addition to encouraging messages, the lamp is also primarily intended for fall prevention, fall detection and safety. If the person falls into the room, for example, the lamp will notice this. In the event of a fall, the lamp will not immediately sound the alarm, but will first ask the person whether the person has fallen. If the person answers yes, for example, the lamp automatically sends a message to the contact person of the fallen person. The contact person can then talk to the fallen person via the app and see what happened. If the contact person does not respond, the lamp automatically switches on the emergency services.

Besides that the lamp detects falling accidents, there is also one in the lamp smart smoke detector which warns about smoke development. In addition, the air quality is constantly measured, so that the air quality can also be improved. Watch the video below about how the Nobi lamp works:

Costs and availability of the Nobi lamp

The Nobi lamp is available in two different variants: Nobi a hanging lamp and Nobita a smaller ceiling lamp. Currently both lamps are still in the testing phase and the lamps are being tested. The lamps are expected to be available to consumers by the end of 2021.