Infinite One : Durable running shoe thanks to an adjustable sole

Review: Infinite One is A sustainable concept with almost no restrictions. In general, we were won over by the idea of ​​Infinite Running.

Review: Infinite One- In addition to vacuum robots , clever gadgets for the household and many other practical things, we’re testing a product for the fitness and sports sector again today. The Infinite One running shoe is the first of its kind and wants to score with a variable sole and a particularly long service life. You will find out everything you need to know about running shoes from Infinite Running in the following sections.

The individual points of the sole can also be combined if necessary

The German company Infinite Running comes from Biberach and was founded by Nico Russ. The entrepreneur has been an avid runner for years and, like many of his founding colleagues, is interested in solving problems. Since you cover many hundreds of kilometers with your favorite running shoes, it is all the more annoying when the sole has already worn out, but the rest of the shoe is still completely intact. With the Infinite One, Nico would like to ensure a more ecological footprint and more durable sports shoes; we have tested the red model .

Infinite One: A sports and running shoe that can be adapted for different surfaces

At first glance, the Infinite One is relatively inconspicuous in its packaging . The running shoe will be delivered to you in a conventional shoe box. We tested the Infinite One Red. In addition to the bright red color, there is also the more subtle Infinite One Blue and Infinite One Black. In addition to the shoe, the scope of delivery only includes a small package insert and the “assembly tool”. We will go into the latter in more detail later. The corresponding kits for adjusting the sole are  optionally available.

The first impression of the running shoe is positive , the workmanship is neat and the materials used are high quality and flexible. The shoe is moderately easy to bend, which is a good compromise between stiffness and comfort. A small logo of the manufacturer is shown on the side and on the back there is the obligatory loop as a pulling aid. The laces were already threaded and can be replaced if necessary. All edges above the sole are rubberized and thus better protected against external influences such as water. The top is made entirely of elastic fabric .

This stretchy fabric is really comfortable to wear . As someone with a relatively wide footbed, I can still attest the Infinite One a pleasant running and wearing experience. While jogging , the running shoes held on , but here are a few more impressions. All in all, the workmanship is decent, but the look of shoes is a  matter of taste anyway . Personally, I consider the Infinite One to be one of the nicer running shoes on the market, but everyone has to decide for themselves here.

The primary purpose of the Infinite One is to optimize comfort when running on different surfaces and to increase the longevity of the running shoe. The Infinite One wants to achieve these two points with its variable sole, because there are a total of ten rubberized points per shoe , which can be quickly and easily exchanged. But how do you wear the shoe and do you actually notice a difference?

The real peculiarity in detail: gimmick or real benefit?

The individual points are made of a harder plastic and are covered with a corresponding rubber coating . The color of the points is assigned to the respective background. The black dots, for example, are the classic all-rounders and can be used for almost any surface . The blue kit, on the other hand, is especially suitable for running on roads and smooth and hard surfaces. In a direct comparison of the two variants, we actually saw a small   difference when wearing and running with the Infinite One. Professional runners are certainly even more sensitive here.

Hard core with soft shell: the interchangeable points of the variable sole

The red “Off the Ways” kit is ideal for anyone who likes to run off the beaten track . It is specially adapted to surfaces such as a meadow. Those who prefer to hike through stony rock paths are better off with the green “Hike and Walk” kit. Thus, Infinite Running offers the right modules depending on the purpose. The black “Active on the Go” kit is included as standard .

Even if the adaptation of the shoes can be worthwhile depending on the surface, we do not see this constant swapping as realistic  in practice. The complete exchange of all 20 points takes some time and it should also be noted that the shoe soles are of course not always perfectly clean. However, if you want to optimally adjust to your run in professional sports, you will certainly be happy to take the time to assemble other modules.

The included tool for replacing the sole works well and is simple. It only has to be pressed on the respective point and then rotated. To insert a new module, you simply reverse this order, that’s it. Since there are a total of 20 individual points , 10 minutes can pass by for each exchange. We therefore recommend setting up the shoes on the surface that is usually walked on.

I walked a few kilometers in everyday life  on asphalt but also unpaved roads with the shoes  on, the wearing comfort was really pleasant and driving a car was not a problem either. Jogging for several kilometers on  asphalt and stony dirt roads  was okay. The Infinite One cut a good figure on both surfaces and impressed with its comfort and yet firm hold.

The sole manages the balancing act between hardness and comfort

In addition to the different running behavior, the interchangeable points should above all ensure a longer service life . Once the sole has expired, all you have to do is replace the points with a new kit and you can continue. In our opinion, this is ultimately the great advantage of adaptable running shoes. You keep your comfortable and worn-in shoes, protect the environment and continue to be out and about with your sports shoes .

A sustainable concept with almost no restrictions

In general, we were won over by the idea of ​​Infinite Running. The shoes are comfortable , look solid, and are great for walking. Although we don’t see changing the sole as everyday, it is still practical to increase the longevity of your shoes – the unique selling point behind the Infinite Running brand. Together with the environmentally friendly and climate-neutral production, as well as the fact that the Infinite One are vegan, the entire concept has been thought of as ecologically sustainable .

When ordering, the colors red, blue and black are currently available. For 194.99 euros you can get the  Infinite One running shoes on the manufacturer’s website . For sizes everything from 38 to 48 is offered, but we recommend choosing a size smaller than usual. The kits mentioned above, each with 20 interchangeable modules, are available for  39.99 euros per set . If necessary, there are also matching insoles for 5.99 euros in the Infinite Running Shop. We had the shoes in an endurance test for about two weeks; a long-term test will be delivered here as soon as we have had the shoes on for a few more months.