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Google Nest Thermostat Winter Seasonal Savings

Google Nest Thermostat offers its users to winter seasonal savings which seems to expansion of conventional energy saving theme.

Last year, Google already introduced its energy-saving program for owners of a Google Nest Thermostat. However, there now seems to be an expansion: a Winter Seasonal Savings program can now be discovered on various smart Google Nest thermostats: the leaf icon is now sometimes visible.

Energy saving program on Google Nest Thermostats

Last week, Google informed its Google Nest Thermostat users about the new energy-saving program for the winter: Winter Seasonal Savings. Via a leaf icon you can own the smart thermostat choose to enable it. They can also indicate that they do not want to activate this or to receive more information about the program.

“For the next 3 weeks, your thermostat can learn to make your schedule even more efficient,” was the message to users of Google Nest thermostats that support the energy-saving winter program.

Winter Seasonal Savings

But, what are seasonal savings on Google Nest Thermostats this winter? In a description on its website, Google states the following: “Seasonal Savings is an energy savings program that’s available on your Google Nest thermostat in winter and summer. It’s like a personal energy assistant that looks for ways to lower your bills, works quietly behind the scenes, and helps you stay comfortable too, ”said the American tech giant.

Broadly speaking, there is an analysis of the temperature schedule in the home, after which the smart thermostat adjusts it better in order to reduce the electricity bill. According to Google, it would therefore also take into account not to influence any comfort with this: it should therefore not happen that you will be cold in your own house to keep a few euros per month in your pocket.

Difference from Winter with Summer Seasonal Savings

Looking at the big difference between Summer Seasonal Savings and this newly rolled out Winter Seasonal Savings program, Google 9to5Google especially overnight savings try to realize. Interesting to read: currently testing Google routines for sunset. Also IKEA Tradfri sunset options are now possible. Smart home brands seem to increasingly focus on environmentally friendly aspects.

Google reports that in some cases temperatures in your schedule will not change at all with the Winter Season Saver program.

Adjust or turn off

You can of course always switch off the energy-saving program. It is also possible to adjust the Season program. Has your smart thermostat – with all the good intentions – made it too cold in your home? Then you can simply increase the temperature: Google will take this decision into account in the future, so that you actually optimize it yourself.

Do you still want to get rid of it completely? Then you could do this via the Google Nest app. In the history tab there should soon be a stop button to turn off Seasonal Savings. Keep in mind that you will not be able to use the program again until the next season.